Monday, 6 August 2012

up to the highest height..

heart print blazer: primark, via new life centre
kite print dress: henry holland
This outfit is from a little while back now, although was the first time I'd worn these items; relatively new additions to the wardrobes, purchased on my recent trip to Birmingham, so perhaps they still count towards Only Once August?

I really like Henry Holland stuff, mainly because you always seem to be guaranteed a quirky print, but I can't help wondering if this dress is a little see-through. I think it's destined to always be worn over black tights. I'd seen it on a Take 10 challenge on some other blogs and really liked it, so was pleased to find one left in the Debenhams sale.

The blazer was a little random; I picked it up in New Life, where we'd stopped on the way. I didn't see any others and decided it was definitely worth it's £2.99 price tag! Then, when we were in Primark the following day, I was amazed to see the same blazers, still for sale at full price, so perhaps that one made it to New Life by mistake? Crazy.


  1. you were lucky with the blazer! That dress is so cute, HH stuff always looks good to me. Great outfit Char! x

    1. Oh I have a dress like this! Looks lovely!! :)

  2. I love Henry Holland stuff, the prints are always amazing!

    Maria xxx

  3. I debated buying this dress too- it's been all my local Debs branches but despite loving the shape, it's the yellow that puts me off- just not my colour! On you, however, it is very fetching!

  4. Oh and I am having a giveaway if you are so inclined!

  5. I remember this dress from the Take 10 Challenge, it's lovely. I would have been tempted to find one too but yellow just isn't my colour, more's the pity.