Wednesday, 15 August 2012

we are sailing..

collar necklace: topshop
heels: primark
skirt: matalan
boat print cardigan: oasis (gift)
top: new look
So, today's outfit sort of partially counts towards the Only Once August challenge which Hazel is running this month. I received the cardigan for my birthday earlier in the year and realised at the weekend that I hadn't yet worn it, so put it out for a wear this week. It's Oasis and, I think, rather lovely.

I had a bit of a dilemma when it came to what colour top to wear under it, though. I had chosen the skirt based on the colours of the boats in the cardigan, and knew that I wanted to wear the collar necklace I'd picked up in the Topshop sale recently with my vouchers, so needed something with a neckline which wouldn't ruin the effect of the necklace.

I wondered if these colours were too close to be worn together, but I think with the cardi layered on top, they aren't too bad. And I suppose the necklace works it's magic to draw one's attention away from the terrible colour-wheel crimes I may or may not be committing.

These shoes, rescued the other day from a wardrobe I rarely visit, can go towards the challenge. It's been months, my old friends..

How's everyone else getting on with this challenge?


  1. I think this might be a new favourite outfit from you Char! x

  2. I love the cardigan - the colours look lovely together too :)

  3. This is so well put together, you took the colours of the sails and made them work together AND with the collar. Very clever =)

  4. I love this outfit, you look so gorgeous.

  5. yes, this cardi is a delight indeed! x

  6. that's beautiful as always, the cardigan has the coolest pattern! argh i want your wardrobe you have the best things! xxx

  7. The collar is lovely, I didn't even notice the colour of your top. The cardigan is fab too.
    I've just posted my Only Once August update post. It's going well and so is the spending ban so I'm happy :)

  8. I love this cardigan!!! SO cute! xx

  9. I wanted this cardi so badly, but couldn't justify spending the £ on it. I popped into my nearest Oasis when the sale started and sods law it had gone, only tiny sizes left!

  10. OMG a boat cardigan! Love :)