Saturday, 4 August 2012

well you know Diane, we oughtta run off to the city..

rabbit print playsuit: primark
glitter ballet pumps: topshop
This is another of the outfits I've worn for Hazel's 'Only Once August' challenge. I picked the playsuit up in Primark on a recent trip to Birmingham, drawn to the animal print and the contrasting belt, but have only just got around to wearing it. Sadly I think it's destined for the 'get rid' pile, as I spent the entire day feeling ridiculously uncomfortable about how short the shorts are on it, and how much they rise up when I sit down. But at least the challenge prompted me to wear it and discover that, and as a result I'll clear some space - which is in demand in my wardrobe room!

The shoes were a voucher purchase on a quick stop into Topshop last weekend, £7 in the sale and I thought they would do well to replace a pair of old gold coloured pumps which I have worn to near-death over the past year or so. So there's a first wear for them as well!


  1. I actually love this on you, I am ridiculously jealous of your long legs!

    Maria xxx

  2. Nooooo! i love this playsuit!!!!

  3. Loving the sparkly pumps and what a bargain too!

    X x

  4. Love the rabbit print. You really do have an animal zoo wardrobe!

  5. Oh wow... I am reminded of Cinderella by those pumps

  6. Love the print! You look fabulous, your legs are amazing! X

  7. It's such a shame you don't feel comfortable in this, it's adorable.

  8. The playsuit is so cute, it's a shame it's not comfy. Those shoes were a fab purchase though, so pretty and sparkly!

  9. Oh it's such a shame it's uncomfortable because it looks lovely! At least your shoes sparkle =)