Sunday, 26 August 2012

with great power comes great responsibility..

chair print jacket: ASOS
spiderman skirt (worn as dress): handmade from vintage fair

So I was having a total dilemma the other day. What on earth would one wear with a jacket with chairs printed on it? I'd bought it in the ASOS sale months ago and hadn't found a chance to wear it until Only Once August challenge made me. ANd then it came to me. A skirt with Spiderman printed on it, obviously.

I bought this skirt from a random little vintage fair when I was in uni. (I loved things like that, but used to basically find that in vintage shops etc I would just panic buy pretty much anything which fit me, because most of the things did not - I don't have a vintage body shape).

I do rather like it, although it used to be more of a pencil skirt fit and is now too loose for that, so until I take it in, I found that the jersey leopard print section meant it could be kind of worn as a dress, and then cinched in with the jacket over the top. I'm definitely going to take it in so that it works as a pencil skirt again though.

I know it's crazy, but there's something about it that makes me think it's not quite too crazy.. What do you think?

p.s I saw Spiderman at the cinema recently (having never seen any of the other films) and really rather liked it.


  1. wow, i like! that skirt is the coolest thing <3 i love a clashing print and i think this is awesome. i really wanted to see the andrew garfield spiderman too, mainly for him because he's so pretty. wasn't a fan of the tobey maguire ones at all, IMO you're not missing out there! xxx

  2. It's verging on too crazy but you know what? Rather verging on too crazy than dull, I say! Hope the re-pencilling of it works out. It's an awesome skirt/dress!

  3. I LOVE it! Crazy is good sometimes! xo

  4. mismatching is the best way to match. and spiderman rocks :-p

  5. It's fab. The tones work so well together. I can't seem to get the hang of pattern mixing at all! The chair print is my favourite, a friend of mine, an artist, painted a series of huge ices with chairs on just like that - huge black and white canvases. They're divine!

  6. Loving the jacket. It would look fab with a nice pair of jeans.

    X x

  7. As a fellow pattern-lover, I think they look great together!