Tuesday, 25 September 2012

born in the USA..

dress: next
shoe boots: c/o SpyLoveBuy

I went for a fairly plain dress choice today, mainly because I wanted the main focus of my outfit to be something else..

Just look at how awesome these boots are!  I'm a little bit in love. SpyLoveBuy is a recent discovery of mine, but they have such a fab selection of boots at the moment; they are definitely worth a look. I love that all of the shoes on the site are so affordable, as well as being real statement pairs. Plus, they have free delivery if you spend more than £50, so all the more reason to buy a couple of pairs (and I'd find it tricky to narrow it down to just two; I've got quite the wishlist happening on there at the moment - these wedges, a pair of nude courts and these awesome dorothy style heels are all in my basket at the moment!)

These ones don't seem to be in stock any more, but you can get a slightly more chunky version here.

Which ones take your fancy? These just make my feet want to party - I think I'll be packing them to come with me to the bloggers' gathering I'm off to at the weekend!


  1. WOW! They are amazing - I noticed them as soon as I clicked onto the page. I love the wedges the most - I'm loving that colour right now.
    I've been meaning to say thank you for sending the necklace to me, I love it, It's so pretty.

  2. holy american sweet POTATO, those are some crazy high badboys!!! Just dont fall over and break a heel/ankle/neck *delete as appropriate*!!!

  3. those shoes are seriously incredible! x

  4. Gosh those shoes have your name written all over them!

  5. Oh Char you've made me want to come even more at the weekend now, if only to see these beauts up close! I think neil denier would approve.


  6. Those boots are AMAZING, if only I could walk in them!

    Maria xxx

  7. omg! those are soo amazing! xxx

  8. Major shoe envy, they look amazing! xxx