Friday, 14 September 2012

friday favourites 022..

001: swan print stud wedges, Topshop, £78
002: Emse heels, Kurt Geiger, £150
This week all I seem to want (other than ludicrously expensive underwear!) is shoes. At the top of my list are these two pairs.

001: I love how these swan print wedges would fit into the wardrobe zoo. I also like the fact that they have studs, although not the ridiculously studdy ones which just look like you would kick pieces out of your feet as you walked about in them.

002: See my above point about 'friendly studs'. I love the mix of colours on these heels, as well as the height of them. They're just about simple enough for a dressed up situation, and yet quirky enough to catch my eye.. What's on your wishlist this week?


  1. Those Kurt Geiger heels are absolutely gorgeous! I love the pink version too xx

  2. Ahhh the Kurt Geiger ones are amazingggg! I just want studs on everything at the moment and the different colours makes them a bit more interesting too x

  3. omfg, those topshop wedges... char you are giving me shoe cravings! xxx

  4. i adore those swan shoes too, think i had them on a want list a few months ago on my blog. can't stretch to that price though :(