Friday, 28 September 2012

friday favourites 023..

001: Tweed Duffle Gilet, Next £45
New Image
002: Grey Luxury Trench Coat, Next £95
003: Hobbs Double Breasted Coat, Next, £270

004: Yellow Boucle Jacket, Primark, £24
This week, the change in weather has started me thinking about coats. I like to buy a new coat every winter, it's kind of a tradition. Plus, this year I've dug out some of my old ones, and realised that I don't have a lot which fit me anymore. Something needs to be done.

My favourite ever coat was from Next, a few years back. I've worn it to death and have managed to get it covered in mud stains which just will not come out, no matter how many times the dry cleaners' have tried. Coupled with the fact that it is now at least two sizes too big for me, I think it's time to shop ladies' coats. I thought I may as well start with Next.

001: Ok, not strictly a coat as such, but this gilet was one of the first things to catch my eye. I really like the colour. Teal coloured tweed? Awesome. Yes, perhaps it's a little more casual than I would tend to plump for, but it struck me as rather practical for keeping warm whilst spending my winter weekends at the allotment. (Which I need to do a lot of, as I'd like to get some raised beds in there before next year.)

002: I've never owned a trench coat before, but this one is rather lovely and quite removed from the 'Inspector Gadget' connotations which they've previously held for me. Very much liking the collar detail and the belt. I do so like coats which have belted waists.

003: The colour was the first thing which drew my attention to this double breasted coat. Orange always makes me think of Autumn leaves, so is perfect for crisp walks through frosty leaves.

004: More of a jacket than a 'proper' coat, I haven't managed to track down this Primark boucle number yet, but am going to keep an eye out for it as I think I rather like it. What do you think? Has anyone seen it in store yet? Wondering if it's going to turn out to be a little bit too Kill Bill?

How are you going to be finishing off your winter outfits?


  1. I was just reading about winter coats on Alex's blog. My collection is somewhat lacking, for me coats have to be just so. I'm rather liking the trench coat.
    My outfits are always finished with a scarf or I'm rather partial to a poncho, especially as I can keep it on when I get into my freezing cold office, coats tend to be to bulky to wear all day inside.

  2. I'm more than a little bit in love with the gilet! And I could totally justify buying it because although I have lots of coats, I only have one gilet...