Thursday, 20 September 2012

I swore I'd chase until I was dead..

dress: asos
cardigan: new look
heels: new look
After recent problems with some of the delivery companies used by ASOS (apparently) leaving parcels in a communal area (one of which I was never able to find) or requesting that I either pay £12 for a Saturday delivery or drive a 70mile round trip to my nearest depot to pick it up, (which seemed a little silly when the order was only one item worth less than £10) I decided to give their Collect+ option a try for my latest one.

I must say it was a lot easier, I got an email to say it had arrived and picked it up from the petrol station on my way past as I was refuelling anyway. Easy, and something I will definitely be doing in the future.

Not so sure about the actual dress though. When I saw it on the ASOS site I wasn't expecting it to be quite so clingy. Eek. Combined with the print, the shape really doesn't leave anything to the imagination, so I think I'll be sending it back. Via the same petrol station.

Also today is the last day I'm running my current blog sale, I'll probably clear out another new load of things next month, but I need the space. 


  1. I like the print of this dress, but if you're not too keen, best to send it back, sounds pretty handy to leave it at the petrol station! I'm forever queueing to pick up parcels from my local sorting office, nightmare! x

  2. I think the dress is cute! Very pin-up.

  3. No don't send this back, it's stunning on you! I would lose the cardi too, because you have the figure for that dress and it's hidden under the bulk of the cardi. Personally I have an ASOS Premier account, because I like that I can just order and get it delivered to my home any day I want and I've rarely had problems with their couriers (only during snow/windy times!). I tend to use collect+ for sending back returns as the shop is just down the road and it's really efficient.

  4. I really love this dress on you, you look beautiful!

    Maria xxx

  5. i actually really like that dress! love a bit of gingham and it looks great on you :) xxx

  6. No I can't belive you've said you're going to send it back! I was scrolling down like a mad woman to make a comment about how lovely it looks. You have a great figure for these kind of dresses and pencil skirts - please don't send it back it looks really good on you - you're perhaps just not used to seeing your shape?