Wednesday, 19 September 2012

jelly button jewellery..

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A few weeks ago now, I got home from a particularly long and stressful day at work to find this cute little parcel of awesome waiting for me in my hallway!

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For anyone who hasn't come across Jelly Button Jewellery yet, it's the cutest little website, full of quirky handmade jewellery.

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typewriter earrings
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The talent behind the website is the lovely Michelle, who sent me this fabulous glitter bow necklace and a pair of cute little typewriter earrings. Thank you, Michelle!

I've worn the earrings a few times already and am so happy with them as they are nice and light. Although I've had my ears pierced for years, I've not worn earrings regularly for a while so have found recently that heavy pairs can irritate them. I love these, though - and there's the added bonus that they are insanely cute.

The necklace is, in my opinion, the perfect size to make just enough of a statement, but not be too big to wear for work, or more formal occasions too. I love it and would just like to say thank you very much to Michelle.

I'm currently in the process of filling my basket with the next lot of Jelly Button goodies I want to add to my dressing table. I can't decide between the sailing bow and the cat one. What do you think? I also very much want a Polly Pocket necklace!

What is your favourite piece of Jelly Button Jewellery?