Sunday, 2 September 2012

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I haven't done a tag post in a little while now, and this is one I love because everyone gets to set their own questions, so it doesn't really matter if you get it more than once. The lovely Hannah from Daisies and Dr Martens tagged me for this earlier in the week - thanks doll!

The rules state that the tag involves :

- listing 11 things about yourself
- answering the 11 questions the tagger has set for you
- creating 11 questions for your nominees
- choosing up to 11 bloggers linking them to my post and telling them about it
- only nominating blogs with less than 200 followers, and no tag backs.

 11 things about me..

001: I'm really scared of moths
002: I love horror films - the scarier, the better
003: I seem to be developing a bit of a hat obsession lately.
004: I love dried apple; at the moment it is something I think I'd happily live on.
005: I really, really want a tortoise.
006: I really fancy a tattoo at the moment - I can't seem to shake the feeling.
007: I'd really love to go to Barcelona again, I've been once and would love to go back.
008: I always have to sleep with the window open, or I wake up in a "too-hot" panic.
009: I'm super impatient and hate having to wait for things.
010: I hate going to the dentist - I need to have two fillings in Oct and already I'm freaking out.
011: I'm off to the Paralympics next week!

Hannah's questions for me:

1. what was the first cd (or, if you're old school like me, it might be a tape cassette or something else cool) that you remember loving?
I remember sending my mum out to Woolworths for the latest "Now" double-cassette tapes everytime they came out. And having to write it down, so that she would get the right number!
2. what's your latest music purchase/download that you're loving?
At the moment, I am loving Gabrielle Aplin, and am rather excited that she's at Bestival next week.
3. what's your signature scent?
For years I've worn Dune by Christian Dior, but I'm now alternating that with JPG Classique.
4. have you got a passion or hobby that not many people know about?
My main hobbies are well-documented on here really; dressmaking, the allotment, writing letters, reading and guiding. That's about me.
5. what's the worst job you've ever had and why?
When I was in Uni I used to work in the canteen. The job itself was ok, but there was a time each week where they would put the new rota up and you would sign up for the shifts you wanted, which was awful because I was in a lecture and was always left with the shifts nobody wanted.
I've also worked in a nightclub, which wasn't too bad except for the end of the night when the smell was a bit vomity, to say the least!
6. let's pretend last night you won the lottery. what are you going to do with the money?
Well, first of all there are a few people I would buy big houses for. I'd also like a Ferrari. And would donate a LOT of the money to charity.
7. are you a messy or a tidy person?
Messy. Definitely messy.
8. do you have any tattoos, or any tattoos planned?
I don't have any yet, but at the moment I have serious tattoo lust. I just worry because I get bored so easily, that I think I need to be totally sure of what I want and where.
9. marmite: love it or hate it?
I've honestly never tried it, but I think I would hate it.
10. what's your favourite disney film?
The Little Mermaid. I wanted to be her.
11. what would your ideal house be like?
It would have a sewing room, and a shoe room, and a massive farmhouse kitchen with an Aga. I'd love it to be in the middle of the countryside, with plenty of land around. And a swimming pool, as I love to swim.

My questions to you:
001: If you could have a first-class ticket to anywhere, where would you go?
002: What is your favourite movie?
003: Someone offers to make you your favourite meal; what is it?
004: What's the most romantic thing you've ever done?
005: Favourite song?
006: If you were invited to a fancy dress party, what would you go as?
007: Would you rather have wings like a bird and be able to fly, or fish gills and be able to swim underwater?
008: What would you have with chips - tomato ketchup, mayo, salt and vinegar etc? (Or if you're my friend, dip them into a McDonalds strawberry milkshake?!)
009: What is your favourite thing about blogging?
010: And your least favourite?
011: What's your biggest fear?

I'd like to tag: 
Well, I think that a lot of people have already done this, but if you haven't, please feel free to have a go and send me the link - I'd love to see your answers to my silly questions!


  1. I'm with you on tattoos - I want one but know that as I'm so indecisive I'll probably change my mind about it!

  2. Haha I also hate moths! And butterflies! Cant tolerate just about any other bug but soon as I know there's a fluttery thing near me I freak out slightly... ;)

  3. yayyy you answered my questions! :D i've got the tattoo itch too! i had it all planned and now i have cold feet. i'm thinking of changing from a rib piece to a thigh piece... no idea! xx

  4. I'd love to visit Barcelona... it's on my list. I'm contemplating another tattoo, I have one but it's teeny tiny! I hate waiting, once I'm ready I want to go, once I'm finished I want to leave, once I've made a decision I want to act. Waiting is the worst!