Friday, 7 September 2012


Welcome to the Paralympics!
The Orbit
Copperbox stadium
England v Sweden goalball match
So yesterday morning, my friend picked me up at 6.30 and we set of for London for the Olympic Park, for a day out at the Paralympics. Two pages of navigational instructions, a danish pastry and a flask (each) of coffee, we parked at New Barnet station and got the train in to Stratford, where we followed the giant pink signs to the entrance.

It didn't take us very long to get through the security area and we were in the park, ready to take in all of the sights. We only had 'day pass' tickets, but they were a total bargain really - £10 each and they gave us not only entrance to the park, but also a travel ticket for zones 1-7 so we could get any of the trains, and entrance to some of the stadiums and events, when there were free seats.

Having wandered around for a while and seen some of the structures, we joined the queue for the Copperbox stadium and waited to get in to see a goalball match. This was the one thing we'd been most hoping to do, so we were rather pleased when we managed to find a pair of seats with a really good view and discovered that Team GB would be playing Sweden. The game was great (although the officials did have to keep pausing play to tell the crowd to be quiet, as you cannot make any noise when the ball is in play, in case it affects the players' hearing of it) but in a very tense extra-time session, the GB team lost to Sweden.

Once we'd seen that, we walked around the river and took in some of the art - there was plenty to see - and grabbed some lunch. A lovely sunny afternoon meant that even though there were rarely any seats free in the Basketball stadium, we were able to sit and sunbathe in front of the Park Live screen watching some of the wheelchair rugby.

After plenty of wandering, we decided to head home (after about an hour in the Olympic Megastore gift shop) and managed to only go wrong on the trains once. Although to be fair, we had asked someone at the station to make sure and they had assured us it was the right train. The only thing they didn't tell us was that the track split and the train they told us to get on was not going the side we wanted. Boo. It didn't stop me wishing I lived in London, though. I always think that when I visit the capital.

hat, shoes: river island
skirt: cath kidston // top, cardi: primark // bag: slothing at tesco
My outfit for the day - as i don't really do patriotic flag prints, I decided to give my julbilee purchase from earlier in the year another outing, and threw on this (winter) hat because I love it so. All in all a great day; considering I really hadn't been all that excited by the prospect of the Olympics until they were almost over.


  1. Genius outfit! I didn't see half those things as because of the fireworks, we couldn't go out into certain places- sounds great!

  2. Love your pictures, I'm going to put my Paralympic post up next week I think! Love your skirt too!


  3. it sounds like a great value day out! x