Tuesday, 18 September 2012

polka dots and moonbeams..

top, skirt: primark
heels: primark
cardigan, hairband: h&m
Well, OK, so there aren't any moonbeams in sight. This outfit sort of reminds me of party outfits when I was little. My mother used to always dress my sister and I in similar-but-not-quite-exactly-the-same party dresses (usually velvet or taffeta) and some kind of crazy bow hair clip on our heads. My poor sister didn't have hair for a good 18months, so it always looked that little bit ridiculous on her!

Not really sure what inspired the outfit, but I guess it all kind of works together. I am so crazy tired already this week, and have something on every evening, which is a bit annoying. Preparing to get shouted at at the allotment committee meeting this evening for not having done enough. Boo.

I've still got lots available in the blog sale, have you had a look yet? 


  1. Oh fun outfit, love the velvet skirt! I hope you dont get in too much trouble, it is hard being a busy bee, just do as much as you can and remember to make time for yourself.