Thursday, 6 September 2012

rocky racoon..

racoon shirt: ASOS
leopard heels: primark
skirt: matalan
Today seems to have been a madmadmad rush; up about 5.30 to pack the pile of things I'd accumulated for Bestival this weekend. I managed to fit it all into one bag, which is somewhat impressive, I think. I had a bit of an ASOS splurge the other day, as I'd seen THE most perfect dress ever for my trip to the Paralympics and took the opportunity to order a few more of the things which have been languishing on my wishlist for oh so long. Including this blouse. Racoons for the wardrobe zoo!It sort of made up for the fact that when the box turned up, they had mistakenly sent me a top instead of the dress I'd ordered, which meant I had to rethink Paralympics outfit...gahh.

The skirt is new too. I sort of have a love/hate thing going on with pencil skirts recently. Shopping for this one was a bit of a task - on the first trying-on attempt I ended up in tears in the changing room and came away empty-handed. I went to try them on again the other day and discovered I must be disproportionate. If one size fitted the waist, it was too tight elsewhere, and vise versa. In the end, I plumped for the larger of the two, thinking it would be easier to take the waist in a little. I don't mind it too much with a blouse tucked in like this, though.

I need to replace some of my favourite Primark heels, but I don't suppose they'll be making the same style again this year...? This pair, like the black version, have almost been worn to death. They may be my perfect shoe.


  1. I love that top! I'm starting to really like shirts and blouses :)

  2. omg i loove this outfit! it looks amazing on you. that racoon blouse is awesome i want it! xxx

  3. I have exactly the same issue with pencil skirts- they just don't fit me! That said, this one looks fabulous on yoU!

  4. This outfit is just perfect! You should have a 100% love relationship with the skirt as it really does look amazing on you. Such a beautiful colour too.
    and who wouldn't love a bit of racoon print!? xx

  5. Wow, that shirt is amazing! Such a unique print! The skirt looks fab on you too! xxx

  6. Ooh ok I was gonna say this may be my fave outfit on here but then I scrolled down, saw your perfect gingham dress and now can't decide! Lovelove both anyway ;)