Sunday, 23 September 2012

sunday shoes 008..

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OK, so a little different to usual as these aren't a pair I bought for myself. Not even, as you can see from the photo, are they in fact a pair.

As it's been a little while since I bought myself any new shoes, I thought I'd mention the saga of some shoes I recently bought for someone else.

I went on ebay, found and won the pair I wanted, and paid for them. Job done. Simple?

Imagine how annoyed I was when this parcel finally turned up from the ebay seller, about three weeks after I'd paid for them, and I opened them to find this sight. Gaaaaah.

Two right shoes. One (on the left of the photo) was a half of the pair I'd won, at least. But the other was a different colour, size, and completely worn through on the sole. I was so confused.  

My first thought was that it may be some kind of scam. But I emailed the seller to tell them what had happened and see if they responded. I thought I might as well - I'd already missed my friend's birthday by this point anyway. 

Thankfully, after a little more concern where I waited with bated breath for the empty-handed postman one day (he did not understand why he got the glare-of-death, that day!), the left-behind shoe was reunited with it's pair and they have gone on to have a happy life together.

The reject shoe is currently on it's way back to wherever it came from.


  1. What the actual f&5k, how can someone send that were they high? Glad you finally got the right ones but honestly, some people... x

  2. What a strange story! I'm glad your shoes had a happy ending though :')

    Florrie x

  3. haha how odd! i wonder how those shoes came to be together... could be quite a tale!

  4. Oh my god! I've heard of parcels not turning up, or being the wrong thing, but this is bizarre!? I'm glad it's getting sorted out at least :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  5. Hahah how bizarre! Still, I'm so pleased the second shoe turned up!

  6. Bahahahahahaha... *gasp* bahahahaha etc
    So funny but I'd have been livid!! Glad it got sorted!

  7. Wow! Makes me kinda mad when people leave me feedback saying 'thanks' or 'ok' for me when they usually get their parcel the day after they paid, in pristine condition and with emails and tracking numbers along the way...especially when there are people sending shoes out like that! So what was their story? Did they even apologise, pay for return p&p and why did they want a worn-through shoe back??

    1. I know, how weird that they were desperate for it back (they did offer to pay for me to send it back!) But I have no idea how you wouldn't notice that. I wondered for a while if it was a scam. But they did (eventually) send the correct shoe, so I think they'd just made a mistake. :(

  8. Haha oh my goodness that's brilliant! I mean not great that you missed your friend's birthday but that's a mistake of awesome proportions.

  9. Oh my gosh this is pretty hilarious to be honest! It's really poor though, I mean the reject shoe looks like someones worn it out. Hope you got a different pair quickly. It's so embarassing when you buy a present online but it gets delayed or isn't right so you end up giving it late x x