Thursday, 27 September 2012

walk my winners out of control, out of control..

dress: phase eight // cardigan, tights, shoes: primark
hat: marks and spencer
The last few days have been awful, I don't recall ever being so stressed out and worried. Not much more to say on that really.

Here's an outfit from the weekend, a birthday party I went to (and fell asleep at due to exhaustion).
The hat is a new purchase; I saw it a couple of weeks ago and put it on my Bullring shopping list, then went to pick it up on Saturday when it turned out I couldn't fit the shopping trip in after all.

I'm making an effort to wear hats more often. After all, I am Agent Hat. (apparently).        


  1. Pretty Char, don't be stressed! What can I do to help?! Praying, if that is any help! :-)
    Agent Hat!! Brilliant, can I be Deputy Hat?

  2. i really hope you feel better soon, less stressed :( wish i could help!
    you do look great in spite of your stress, another cool outfit, i wish i suited hats but i really don't lol xx