Tuesday, 4 September 2012

where would I be? id be a warrior..

Previews Warrior Extended September01

Previews Warrior Extended September03
Previews Warrior Extended September02
I was rather intrigued when I received an email about the new collection on the Dixi website. It's called 'Warrior' and all of these pieces are available now.

I must admit I haven't yet bought anything from them, but I'm rather confident that quite a few of these items will be winging their way to me soon - I have my eye on the skull and arrow bracelets and that fabulous blue clutch bag.

If anything takes your fancy, be sure to use the code 'UPDATEMEFS' for free shipping on orders over £15. The code is valid until 9th September 2012. So what's stopping you?


  1. I'm in love with those rings!I keep looking at Dixi and have to pull myself away before I buy anything...xo

  2. Oh you need that blue clutch! Gorgeous!

    I'm very taken with the rings.

  3. Oh wow I love tons of this stuff!! Especially the ring on the bottom left.

    Robyn Mayday xx