Monday, 3 September 2012

you look so sweet when you're dreaming..

dress: clothing at tesco
cardigan: river island
heels: primark
This is one of the dresses I featured in my recent Keep or Return post; thank you for all of your opinions on there. Originally I was almost scared off by the size label on this one. I'm having some issues about my size lately and I guess these need to be tackled, although I have no idea how best to go about this.

I'm glad I did face my fears and try it on, though. The feedback seemed to be that everyone else sees something totally different to what I see in the mirror. So I've kept it and thought there was no time like the present for creating an outfit around it.

 I picked out the colour in the centres of the flowers with the shoes, and some of the petals with the cardigan. I felt it was missing something, so I added the necklace -plus I'm trying to make more of an effort to wear my way through some of my ridiculous amounts of jewellery. Perhaps this should be this month's challenge..?

I got back yesterday from a few days in York, which were rather grand. A friend and I planned the trip as a part of our Queens' Guide awards, so hopefully we shouldn't have any issues getting that section signed off. I'm going to download all of my photos in order to put a bit of a scrapbook together for the trip anyway, and plan to post about it on here as well. Not entirely sure when, though, this week is already shaping up to be a busy one.


  1. You obviously must be seeing something different in the mirror from me because what I see is a girl with a lovely figure, great legs, great proportions who knows how to dress to suit her shape and make the most of it! Be confident in yourself Char, you look great! (I would like to see a smile occasionally though please!!! Honestly, smiling makes you feel better about photos. I hate ones in which I don't smile, because I see flaws in me but I notice them less when I smile!!!!!!! However, you still look lovely sans smile!)

  2. I wish you had more confidence in yourself, you look AMAZING! x

  3. That dress really suits you, the print is gorgeous and I really wish you could see what we all see, you look beautiful Char. Glad to hear you've had a good time with the Guides xxx

  4. What Kezzie said. Seriously! Although I am a non-smiler too so I won't push you too hard on that point.

    And no rush with the York thing - we'll enjoy it whenever it appears.

  5. That dress looks gorgeous on you :) That print is perfection anyway and it's definitely a dress that fits you really well. P.S as a awkward smiler, it's ok, I get it.

  6. I'm glad you kept this dress. You look fab!