Wednesday, 31 October 2012

these zombies in the park they're looking for my heart..

clutch: accessorize // dress: river island
cardigan: clothing at tesco // shoes: primark
coat: primark // gloves: tu (sainsburys)
Another quick outfit post today; I don't seem to be having enough time to think recently, which is ludicrous since it's half term which means my evenings should be more free than usual since the guides and rangers are on holiday.

I needed something smart enough for a meal out, which caused a bit of a wardrobe dilemma. The contents of my wardrobe, which once brought me such joy, are really getting me down recently. Nothing I get off the rails seems to fit how I want it to. I had to safety pin this dress together at the back but thankfully nobody noticed.

These gloves were a total bargain - £6 from Sainsbury's last week, which has so many nice things in at the moment. Thankfully they also seem to have a 25% off promotion at the moment, I'm really tempted by one of the pencil skirts in the Gok range and another coat. How many coats is it acceptable for one person to own, I'm wondering...?

I'm not doing anything special for Halloween, so don't have any costumes or anything sorted - I did that last week at the guides' halloween party, which is fine because I'm not sure what I'd dress up as anyway. My head's been hurting so much lately that I'd rather just curl up on the sofa in my dinosaur onesie and read books. 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

so you're scared and you're thinking that maybe we ain't that young anymore..

shoes: primark
sci fi print skirt: get cutie
body: river island
Yesterday's outfit. I was in my usual rush before leaving the house for swimming (you'd think I'd learn and organise what I was going to wear the night before, but I tend to find that even when I do that, I get up in the morning and change my mind!) and my gaze fell upon this top, which I haven't worn in an absolute age.

About  90 minutes later, I remembered why it had been so long since it's last wear. Does anyone else have layering issues with things like bodysuits and tights? I was having a total nightmare yesterday, does the body go over the tights or under? For me it had to go under, and then I was having a potential issue with the waistband of my tights resting higher than the waistband of my skirt, which is quite loose these days, but I will not part with. One of the fabulous Get Cutie ones I've tracked down over time.

I solved that one by adding the black jersey blazer which was hanging on the coat hook in my office when I got to work, and I wish I'd taken another photo because I actually really liked them together.

I got my almost-but-not-quite-the-same-as-these black heels reheeled the other day, so now have two pairs to rotate with when I'm not feeling all that inspired with shoe choices.

Also, closing date for Secret Santa is tomorrow - do you still want to join in ? Here is the link to the information.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

keep pushing me away..

jacket: h&m
heels: irregular choice 'tea and cake'
dress, belt : primark

Another outfit catch up post, this time from last Sunday, when I spent the day in Liverpool, having picked up my best friend on the way. We headed on over to The Neighbourhood Cafe to have brunch with Alex, Helen and Steph (and Eva), which was lovely, if a little slow on the whole 'bringing-me-coffee' front. Not that I'm addicted or anything..

this was actually almost as big as my face!

So we filled the day with donuts, coffee, shops, pillow fighting and a trip to the cinema to see an old Cary Grant movie, which was great. Then, after a quick stop off  to pick up the tortoise table (which, for those who asked when I mentioned it the other day, is basically a wooden run for it with a covered house section at one end), we headed on home after a lovely long day. Can't wait to get my tortoise next weekend now!!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

cut out all the ropes and let me fall..


Last Saturday's outfit, for a wander into town with a friend for breakfast. There's something about eating breakfast out somewhere which feels so decadant to me.

 I've joined Alex's prickle of hedgehogs. Mother did well, after leaving it for a while until this jumper had sold out, she presented it to me last time I saw her and I was filled with glee, it's been on my wishlist for a good few months now and I love it so!

The tartan shorts were a find from my Primark trip in Harrogate. They're a little big, but I picked them up anyway, as they were the last pair. I love them. 

Friday, 26 October 2012

two red eyes and broken veins..

coat: primark
necklace: LLROK

shoes: new look

I haven't taken any photos from today, as I had a bit of an incident yesterday and am a bit too bruised and battered. Hoping that the weekend will be fairly relaxed; we are all packed now at least.

The search for a new coat this season seems to be over now. I found this one in Primark at the weekend, drawn to the shape of the grey version, which I then realised also came in red. I tried it on, I love the skirted shape of the bottom half, as well as the fact that the belt really cinches in the waist.

I didn't remember to take a photo of the dress underneath this on Monday, but it's the one I wore here (with the same necklace - they go so nicely together, though!)

 If you're in need of something charitable to do this afternoon, please go over to Sarah's blog and buy some raffle tickets for the Blogger's Breast Cancer Awareness Raffle! These wonderful ladies have organised this again this year; there are some amazing prizes to be won!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

as they croak I see myself in the pistol smoke,

dress: monsoon
bracelets: new look
sequin jacket: clothing at tesco
shoes: topshop
I feel ever so cultured of late. I was at the theatre again yesterday evening, to see the annual dance show in which my friend performs with her classes. It was an enjoyable evening all round and she was great.

 I always think the theatre is somewhere to dress up a little, whatever you're off to see. Maybe it's just me, but I like the idea of sequins and prom dresses, with heels and a cute clutch bag as you're teetering around for your interval drinks.

But then, saying that, there isn't really any situation I can think of where I'd be all that comfortable in jeans and trainers, as some of the audience seemed to be. I think it's partly me; I'm just drawn to dressing up that little bit more..?

What would you wear to the theatre?

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

a thousand lies have made me colder..

corasage: dorothy perkins
bag: topshop
dress: laura ashley
gingerbread heels: ASOS
cardigan: h&m

Outfit photos from Saturday evening. After a day of wandering around town with my friend, I went for a swim and then to pick her up for her birthday meal out - we went to the local Frankie and Benny's, which was great fun. I was pleased that I'd been for a swim beforehand; I didn't feel quite so bad about the giant pizza we shared!

When it comes to shoes, I'm not often drawn to low heels.  I've always been more of a high heels kinda gal - the higher the better seems to be my motto, lately. I've often worried that kitten heels and low shoes would make my legs look too chunky.

But something about the print and chunky nature of these gingerbread heels really drew me in and caused me to override my usual rule, and they seemed like the perfect match with this cardigan and various minty accessories for this Laura Ashley dress. I think perhaps stilettos would have had me feeling a bit too dressed up for an early teatime meal out (we were dining with a little one so had to make it early!)

Maybe there's hope for me in terms of a low heels branch to my ever-growing shoe collection..? I've seen a few TUK pairs recently which I'd be happy to make another exception for..

Monday, 22 October 2012

and we're off to the races, places, ready, set, the gate is down..

necklace: accessorize (gift)
dress: dorothy perkins // shoes: primark
cardigan: forever 21
This cardigan feels like an old favourite, although it hasn't even been a year since I actually bought it. I guess the wintery reindeer print works to make the stripes on this dress a little less summery.

Worn for a trip to the dentist (which took annoyingly long, meaning I got back to the car just as the traffic warden was photographing the ticket he'd just left on my car for outstaying my welcome- gaah, how to make trips to the dentist worse?!) and then the rest of the day putting out the metaphorical fires which come with the day to day running of my business. I love it, really I do. Sometimes I just have to remind myself of the good things.

Currently in a bit of a sleepy slump, so have dragged my eyes away from the numbers I've been trying to balance for most of the day, in order to have a little blogging break. I think the effects of the weekend, combined with not enough sleep in the preceding days are finally beginning to catch up on me.  It was a rather lovely weekend though, filled with birthday meals, breakfasts and a trip to Liverpool yesterday for Sunday brunch with some lovely Liverpool ladies. Most excitingly, I picked up a tortoise table, in readiness for picking up my new tortoise in a couple of weeks.

This evening I have my guides' halloween party, and also plans to make for their weekend away. It's going to have a Wizard of Oz theme, so I need to dig out some (or possibly make some, as I have a sneaking suspicion I don't actually have any) red glitter shoes!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

these fishes in the sea they're staring at me..

dress: dorothy perkins
necklace: primark
cardigan: h&m
jacket: h&m // pumps: primark
The colours of this dress always make me think of the autumn leaves and I seem to dig it out for the change in the seasons, again and again. I guess that means I'll always remember to wear it, though. It actually has little ties under the hem of the dress which you can put bows in, in order to give a kind of hankerchief hem effect, which I don't like so much any more, but when I first got the dress, I'd always do that.

I figured it would layer quite nicely with the colour of this cardigan, and then added a necklace which I've not worn enough of (the same can be said of all my necklaces - I always forget jewellery!) as the neckline is quite low so lends itself to something..

As is evident, now that I've rediscovered this jacket, it's fast become an outfit staple. 

Worn for a day of wandering through town, to and from optician and dentist appointments, what a bore. I was remonstrated by the rangers when I got there as well, that evening - they were shocked and appalled at the lack of heels. Alas, living in a cobbled town can be such a chore!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

life's too short to even care at all..

jacket: h&m
shoes: irregular choice
dress: george@asda
I bought this jacket when I last went to London for a few days, which (scarily) was more than three years ago. That was such a lovely weekend, time seems to have mostly gone so quickly since then. Although other times it only seems about five minutes ago. Time can be a funny thing, can't it.

As another reminder of time ticking around, this year cropped leather jackets seem to be all the rage, once more. Which meant that I dragged this one out of the wardrobe (where it's been for the last three years) and took off the tags, and here it is. I really love the colour of it, much more than the prospect of a black one. I think that with the cropped nature of it, I can get away with the fact that it's four sizes too big for me, as well.

I've worn this dress with these heels before, they seem to go so nicely.

I'm still dilemma-ing over cars at the moment. It's come down to a choice between a 'sensible' option, and a somewhat more impractical one, which I'm pretty tempted by. I'm being advised by most of the people I've spoken to about it that I should live for the moment and go with the crazy option whilst I'm young and not tied down. We shall see.                    

Friday, 19 October 2012

friday favourites 026..

001: Iron Fist Night A Light Platform, £74.99
002: Fornarina Demy heels, £141.99
All I seem to be able to think about buying at the moment is shoes, so this week's wishlist is made up of the two pairs I currently like most of all.

001: These heels are so pretty. I love the bow; that's what drew me to them to begin with. I really like the contrast of the hot pink against the grey patterned background. I think the fact that they're predominantly grey makes them totally acceptable for day-to-day wear. Or maybe I could match the colour of the bow to something partyish? Either way, they've changed my views on Iron Fist, which I'd always sort of thought of as being a bit too gothic to fit in my wardrobe..

002: Obviously the colour and the polka dots were what drew me to these Demy heels. Again, such a lovely contrast between the two colours, and how cute is the blow and matching edging?
These would definitely fit right in to my wardrobe. Is it too early to be thinking about the C-word?

Thursday, 18 October 2012

don't feel like picking up the phone..

dress: h+m
shoes: irregular choice
hat: river island (gift)
I always seem to be a few days behind with my outfit posts, lately. At the weekend I managed to have a bit of a tidy up of the wardrobes, got the iron out and washed and ironed some of the dresses which had been stored away in the deepest depths. This is one of them.

Continuing with my hat-wearing mission; this was a gift from my sister an absolute age ago, and I'm a little ashamed to admit that I can still count the number of times I've worn it on one hand. I'm trying to change that, as well as get more used to wearing hats. I do like them so. #

The shoes are a rather old pair of Irregular Choice; a style I liked and managed to collect in several colourways. I'm still rather fond of their funky inverted wedge of a heel.

Today has been mostly spent looking at cars and ploughing through legal documents. My brain is all mushy.

There's still time to sign up to Secret Santa..check out the post here with all the info.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

who draws the crowd, and plays so loud..

hat, tshirt: h&m // sequin jacket: clothing at tesco
guitar skirt: get cutie
flat shoes : primark
A quick outfit post from the weekend; I popped into town briefly on Saturday to return some library books and go for coffee, so a fairly casual outfit was called for. This guitar print skirt hadn't seen the light of day in quite some time, so I threw it together with a basic tee and the sequin jacket which I wish I wore more of.

I'm trying hard to get more used to wearing a hat as part of my day to day outfits. I like this green bowler hat as one to gradually get me more comfortable with donning a hat, as it's fairly dark and really fits well - once it's on I hardly notice it! 

I really need to replace these ballet pumps, they're falling apart as they have been my go-to basic pair of ballet pumps for so long. I've been looking around for some and think I have my heart set on a pair of gold glitter Buffalo pumps.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

we all need a pantomime to remind us what is real..

shoes : faith
panda blazer, collar necklace: primark
coat: warehouse outlet
dress: ASOS (via ebay)
This dress is one I had to track down. I'd been poking through the beautiful Amber's past posts, as you do, and as soon as I came across this one I knew I wouldn't be able to rest until I'd tracked myself down my very own. After a few fruitless searches on the web, fabulous Roisin came to my rescue and pointed out that she'd gone for one of the white versions on ebay and then had successfully dyed it China Blue. I was planning to do the very same until the same seller listed the blue version and I managed to win it for a snip.

 I was pleased with the dress when it arrived, although I had to iron it twice before wearing it. As you can see from these photos (taken at the end of the day) it creases rather easily. I like it's shape though. And Friday was a rather full day, I guess - I'd probably have creased, too. You know, if I was a dress.

I thought I'd go fairly simple with shoes and necklace, I thought it cream would be nice with it, and then added my fabulous new panda print blazer, which I love. And then, as I didn't have anything similar enough to any of the colours, I thought I'd clash the colour of the coat with it. 

As well as the usual day at work, I went for lunch with my grandparents and then after work went to see Swan Lake at the theatre. I'd never been to a ballet before, so when I'd heard that the Russian Ballet were coming to town, I was determined to go see one. I wasn't even  fussed about the fact that none of my friends wanted to go, I was happy to sit around in the cafe with a book and a coffee before it began and watch it on my own. It's not as though you speak to anyone during the performance anyway. I really loved it, and thought the dancers were amazing.

Has anyone else been to the ballet? Are there any you'd recommend - I'd love to go to another.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

have you signed up..?

I posted the rules for my 2012 Bloggers' Secret Santa the other day - you can find that post right here. Just a little reminder to sign up if you hadn't already..Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Mine has been full to the brim, just the way I like it.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

you came in with the breeze, on sunday morning..

Fountains Day2
dress, bag: h+m // coat: george@asda // hat: marks and spencer
Last Sunday was a rather epic day, packed full of Yorkshire goodness. We got up fairly early and headed out in the crisp sunshine to Brimham Rocks, where we spent a good couple of hours climbing up and around on the rock structures, just like mountain goats!

Next, we headed across the county a little way (up a rather steep hill!) to Nunnington Hall, another National Trust property where we lunched on the picnic we'd packed earlier, much to the interest of the peacocks in the lovely gardens in front of the house.  Once we'd munched our way through that, we took the tour around the house and then after a quick tearoom stop, were back on the road.

Next stop was a random little village, Hutton-le-Hole, where we found a couple of little craft shops, a private museum and sheep, roaming around on the village green. Such a cute little village, but we didn't stay long. The girls' ticked it off their list, though and we were back en route to Thirsk, in order to see the home of James Herriot up close.

Being Sunday, we decided on a roast dinner for tea and figured that there had to be plenty of lovely little country pubs to choose from. After a few false-starts, it became clear that we'd have to compromise, so we went for a lovely Italian instead in Ripon, before returning to the cottage shattered and ready for bed after a long day in the countryside.    

Friday, 12 October 2012

friday favourites 025..

001: Colour block toe cap court, £42, Next
002: Leopard print platform boots, £62, Next
This week I am ALL about the shoes (which is ludicrous really, given that I have increased my collection by four pairs since this time last week - ooops! But there is always room for more. (Well, until my floor caves in with the weight of the quantity of shoes in the wardrobe room and Nosey Nigel downstairs has a tantrum).

001: The first pair to catch my eye is these colour block heels. I love the berry colour (autumnal!) and the contrast of the patent toe. Cute, no?

002: These leopard print boots may be a little mental, but I'm really drawn to them anyway. They've a nice high heel, which I like on a boot, as well as a bit of a platform. No wonder they've called the style 'Geri' though, they are a bit Girl Power..?

I'm not the only person with a shoe wishlist, surely? New Image