Saturday, 6 October 2012

and if you fall asleep, it wouldn't be the worst thing..

bird cardigan: peacocks (gift)
heels: irregular choice
skirt: matalan
I was looking at my mountain of knitwear on Monday, and came to the realisation that I'd not yet worn this cardigan. I received it for my birthday in May, so it's been waiting for a while to be worn.

I love this pencil skirt and figured that they would match each other nicely. Bottle green is one of those colours I have always been drawn to, so I wasted no time in snapping this skirt up when I saw it in Matalan's latest collection. (I think they have a berry version as well).

As my favourite black Primark heels (my trusty favourite finishing touch to almost any outfit, it seems) are out of action whilst they wait for me to take them to be reheeled, I've been forced to wear some of my other shoes. Which is no bad thing, really. I used to wear these Irregular Choice heels quite often as a pair of basic black heels (with tape measure rosettes), but they seem so short when I wear them now. I guess it's because I'm used to some of the higher pairs which I favour recently.

I think perhaps I need to do a 'Shoe Girl Diaries' style challenge, one of these days..


  1. The birdy print is so cute! x

  2. Bottle green is a glorious colour, I adore the little bird embroidery too xxx

  3. I REALLY love this outfit, what a cute cardigan too :)