Friday, 5 October 2012

friday favourites 024..

Some of the dresses I would like to be hanging in my wardrobe please - I'm starting to run out of dresses which fit me, so it would make choosing what to wear in the morning a lot easier!

001: Black floral dress, Next, £60
002: Bow detail dress, Next, £60
001: I love the shape of this floral pencil dress. I never fail to be drawn to a lovely floral print and the range of colours in this one would make it wonderfully versatile when it came to finding a pair of heels to match..

002: Pencil dresses are becoming my new favourite style, I think. I've been in a bit of a pencil skirt love affair for a while now, which seems to be gradually progressing on to dresses. I love the bow detail on this one so much that I can't decide which colour I want it in first. This berry shade always makes me think of autumn and winter, though.    New Image


  1. Oh wow that first dress is amazing! xo

  2. Yep, that first dress is amazing. Currently thinking of excuses/reasons to buy it...

  3. Oh my word, yes I want that top dress quite badly it's stunning! Might have to go and try that on this weekend x

  4. Love both of these but I am oddly drawn to the second! x

  5. Love that Next dress. Unfortunately I don't have the legs for a pencil skirt! xx

  6. I never usually find anything cute in Next, but those dresses are gorgeous.