Friday, 12 October 2012

friday favourites 025..

001: Colour block toe cap court, £42, Next
002: Leopard print platform boots, £62, Next
This week I am ALL about the shoes (which is ludicrous really, given that I have increased my collection by four pairs since this time last week - ooops! But there is always room for more. (Well, until my floor caves in with the weight of the quantity of shoes in the wardrobe room and Nosey Nigel downstairs has a tantrum).

001: The first pair to catch my eye is these colour block heels. I love the berry colour (autumnal!) and the contrast of the patent toe. Cute, no?

002: These leopard print boots may be a little mental, but I'm really drawn to them anyway. They've a nice high heel, which I like on a boot, as well as a bit of a platform. No wonder they've called the style 'Geri' though, they are a bit Girl Power..?

I'm not the only person with a shoe wishlist, surely? New Image

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