Friday, 19 October 2012

friday favourites 026..

001: Iron Fist Night A Light Platform, £74.99
002: Fornarina Demy heels, £141.99
All I seem to be able to think about buying at the moment is shoes, so this week's wishlist is made up of the two pairs I currently like most of all.

001: These heels are so pretty. I love the bow; that's what drew me to them to begin with. I really like the contrast of the hot pink against the grey patterned background. I think the fact that they're predominantly grey makes them totally acceptable for day-to-day wear. Or maybe I could match the colour of the bow to something partyish? Either way, they've changed my views on Iron Fist, which I'd always sort of thought of as being a bit too gothic to fit in my wardrobe..

002: Obviously the colour and the polka dots were what drew me to these Demy heels. Again, such a lovely contrast between the two colours, and how cute is the blow and matching edging?
These would definitely fit right in to my wardrobe. Is it too early to be thinking about the C-word?


  1. Ooooh love love love those shoes with the big bow, I would do myself a mischief in them , but they are gorgeous! x

  2. The Iron Fist shoes are gorgeous! Love the big bow xxx

  3. these are both lovely, can definitely picture you rocking these with some crazy prints. xx

  4. I love the first ones, I'm a sucker for a red bow. And no, it's not too early for the c-word!

  5. oh wow, i am so in love with those top ones! you need both of these in your life though, you'd seriously rock them xxx

  6. Loving the shoes. Especially the pair with the bow.

    X x

  7. It's never too early to think about the C-word! I love the print on the first ones. Oh, how I wish I could walk in heels! xx