Tuesday, 9 October 2012

if i could, maybe i'd give you my world..

nail polish print dress: george@asda
pink coat: george@asda
shoes: irregular choice
I had planned to buy food last week when I went to Asda. Really, I had. (Well, perhaps I had also planned to pop into the George section and see if they had the green blouse with the same print as the above dress. They didn't. I compromised.)

As I've mentioned recently, I'm on the lookout for a new coat. Asda had quite the selection of coats, a lot of which I tried on. Then I went to get some food, as I didn't like any of them as much as the cute little pink number with the bows.

Basket filled, I went back to the coats. I tried another sensible colour on. Then I caved and tried the pink one on. Let's face it, it's not like I was going to go for any of the others. This one has bows, for goodness sake! Bows and a hood. And it matches the print of the little dress I picked up for £4 in the sale..

All of my attempts at weekly food-shopping seem to end in a similar fashion.


  1. haha! i have the same problem whenever i go to asda. to be honest, winter coats NEED to be in pretty colours, you need a pick-me-up when it's dark and cold outside, even i know that and i live in black. you look great as always xxx

  2. Oh gosh that coat is adorable! I saw that dress a few weeks ago, kicking myself that I didn't buy it now xxx

  3. I ADORE this coat, the bows look lovely with the pink!

    Maria xxx

  4. I. Want. This. Coat. Asda are actually pretty good with their outerwear actch (shortened actually, does this work? Probs not), my pink number is still going good from 3 years ago.

    Also get your peepers on facebook. Birmingham shopping in November? Yessur!


  5. I keep hearing SO many good things about asda clothes at the moment.definitely going to have to make a trip down there I think.your coat looks lovely x

  6. I saw that coat in a mag and have been ummming and aahing over it! Looks fab on you! George also has a lovely Mustard coloured coat I fancy too - decisions, decisions lol!

    Hope you are well, Estelle xx