Thursday, 4 October 2012

secret agent, won't you please take my advice..

shoes: primark // hat: accessorize
blouse: asos
skirt: forever 21
At the moment, I really am becoming a little obsessed with hats. I've got quite the collection coming together, but I suppose Agent Hat needs a variety. Now I'm just trying to make sure I wear them a bit more often.

I still find wearing a hat a little weird. I love the way they look, especially pretty cloche ones, but I am always conscious that they make me ever so much more noticeable than usual. (This probably isn't the case as I do wear some fairly noticeable things anyway, I guess).

When I spied this little mustaed number on the website, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. After checking with The Most Unhelpful Member of Staff ever in my local store, who told me they didn't have it and she wouldn't check if they could get it, I rang around a few others and eventually settled for placing an order for it.

I couldn't wait to wear it when it arrived, and figured the colour would go ok with those in my cake blouse and some fairly neutral shoes and skirt.

Today's hat woes are that the pretty ones on the John Lewis advert are apparently not going to be available to buy from John Lewis. How annoying is that?


  1. it looks great with the cake blouse, I've never tried a cloche hat but it looks great on you. xx

  2. Oh gosh, that sure is a good one Char, it reminds me so much of the John Lewis one xxx