Tuesday, 30 October 2012

so you're scared and you're thinking that maybe we ain't that young anymore..

shoes: primark
sci fi print skirt: get cutie
body: river island
Yesterday's outfit. I was in my usual rush before leaving the house for swimming (you'd think I'd learn and organise what I was going to wear the night before, but I tend to find that even when I do that, I get up in the morning and change my mind!) and my gaze fell upon this top, which I haven't worn in an absolute age.

About  90 minutes later, I remembered why it had been so long since it's last wear. Does anyone else have layering issues with things like bodysuits and tights? I was having a total nightmare yesterday, does the body go over the tights or under? For me it had to go under, and then I was having a potential issue with the waistband of my tights resting higher than the waistband of my skirt, which is quite loose these days, but I will not part with. One of the fabulous Get Cutie ones I've tracked down over time.

I solved that one by adding the black jersey blazer which was hanging on the coat hook in my office when I got to work, and I wish I'd taken another photo because I actually really liked them together.

I got my almost-but-not-quite-the-same-as-these black heels reheeled the other day, so now have two pairs to rotate with when I'm not feeling all that inspired with shoe choices.

Also, closing date for Secret Santa is tomorrow - do you still want to join in ? Here is the link to the information.


  1. I cannee see the print on that skirt- closeup please! Eeeek, bodysuits make me shudder, I used to hate them as a teen when I used to wear them! Yours is cute though!

  2. Love the print on this skirt, it is so unusual!

    Maria xxx

  3. you combine patterns like no other x

  4. I have the same problem when I get packed the night before I go to the gym!

  5. Such a beautiful skirt, you look beautiful! <3

    Jennie xo |

  6. bodysuits are something to be avoided in my book, hehe! Lovely skirt x

  7. Cute skirt!

    Lana, xo

  8. I haven't worn a bodysuit since I was a teenager-you used to get some that really rubbed between the thighs which was rather annoying and painful! I bought a Barbie one from Miss Selfridge recently but was planning on cutting it into a vest top as it's quite a stretch with the studs done up and I hate the hassle when going to the loo!