Sunday, 7 October 2012

sunday shoes 009..

I've had shoes on the brain this week. Well, let's be honest, when do I not? More specifcally, what with the drop in temperature and the purchase of new coats and warm layers, I've been thinking about extending my shoe boots collection.

001: Moony Mood red bow boots, £42.99
002: Fericelli Assete boots, £195.99

001: I really like the ruched tops and the bow on these red boots, as well as the little platform. Plus, red boots are perfect for the festive season. What's more, I don't think I have any heeled red boots, so that's a total gap in my collection which needs rectfying.

002: These blue shoe boots are so cute with the rosette on the side - I love the cameo detail. I just wonder whether my toes would get cold with the peep toe detail. Scrap that, I'll live with it; they're too pretty!

What shoes do you have your eye on this week?


  1. the wee blue ones are cute with that cameo detail!

  2. Hey lovely!
    Great picks, I love the shape of shoe-boots even if those heels would be a little high for me with my bad back! I love Spartoo too, they have so many gorgeous brogues and ballet flats on the site at the moment!
    XO Amie

  3. I'm kinda off heeled shoe boots these days so these guys are not my thing. Still obsessing over plenty pairs though, of course! x