Sunday, 21 October 2012

these fishes in the sea they're staring at me..

dress: dorothy perkins
necklace: primark
cardigan: h&m
jacket: h&m // pumps: primark
The colours of this dress always make me think of the autumn leaves and I seem to dig it out for the change in the seasons, again and again. I guess that means I'll always remember to wear it, though. It actually has little ties under the hem of the dress which you can put bows in, in order to give a kind of hankerchief hem effect, which I don't like so much any more, but when I first got the dress, I'd always do that.

I figured it would layer quite nicely with the colour of this cardigan, and then added a necklace which I've not worn enough of (the same can be said of all my necklaces - I always forget jewellery!) as the neckline is quite low so lends itself to something..

As is evident, now that I've rediscovered this jacket, it's fast become an outfit staple. 

Worn for a day of wandering through town, to and from optician and dentist appointments, what a bore. I was remonstrated by the rangers when I got there as well, that evening - they were shocked and appalled at the lack of heels. Alas, living in a cobbled town can be such a chore!


  1. Love that necklace! I'd wear it everyday.
    I think the flats look just awesome so who cares! =)

  2. I like how you associate this dress with a change of season’s xxx

  3. Better ballet flats than a broken ankle!
    Love the necklace.
    Z xx

  4. Love that necklace! Perfect to compliment the wardrobe zoo xx

  5. I do admire your dedication to heels but it's good to give your poor feet a rest sometimes !
    I just signed up to your secret santa, hurrah!

  6. OMG you tidied the shoe mountain up!! I love the cute cabinet x

  7. I love the necklace - yet another reason why I need to be brave and venture into Primark again!