Tuesday, 16 October 2012

we all need a pantomime to remind us what is real..

shoes : faith
panda blazer, collar necklace: primark
coat: warehouse outlet
dress: ASOS (via ebay)
This dress is one I had to track down. I'd been poking through the beautiful Amber's past posts, as you do, and as soon as I came across this one I knew I wouldn't be able to rest until I'd tracked myself down my very own. After a few fruitless searches on the web, fabulous Roisin came to my rescue and pointed out that she'd gone for one of the white versions on ebay and then had successfully dyed it China Blue. I was planning to do the very same until the same seller listed the blue version and I managed to win it for a snip.

 I was pleased with the dress when it arrived, although I had to iron it twice before wearing it. As you can see from these photos (taken at the end of the day) it creases rather easily. I like it's shape though. And Friday was a rather full day, I guess - I'd probably have creased, too. You know, if I was a dress.

I thought I'd go fairly simple with shoes and necklace, I thought it cream would be nice with it, and then added my fabulous new panda print blazer, which I love. And then, as I didn't have anything similar enough to any of the colours, I thought I'd clash the colour of the coat with it. 

As well as the usual day at work, I went for lunch with my grandparents and then after work went to see Swan Lake at the theatre. I'd never been to a ballet before, so when I'd heard that the Russian Ballet were coming to town, I was determined to go see one. I wasn't even  fussed about the fact that none of my friends wanted to go, I was happy to sit around in the cafe with a book and a coffee before it began and watch it on my own. It's not as though you speak to anyone during the performance anyway. I really loved it, and thought the dancers were amazing.

Has anyone else been to the ballet? Are there any you'd recommend - I'd love to go to another.


  1. Oh! It looks really lovely on you, Charlotte - so pleased you managed to find one in blue after all! x

  2. It is a bit of a pain to iron, I must admit - looks lovely on, though!

  3. Your coat is beautiful and we are panda twins! I have never been to the ballet but I would love to go, it always sounds so beautiful!

    Maria xxx

  4. Oh, it's a beautiful dress, very you!
    The ballet is wonderful! I adore it too!
    If you ever get to see the Royal Ballet version of Alice in Wonderland- DO! It's amaaaaaazing! It was on TV at Christmas.
    Petruska (by Stravinsky) is a gorgeous ballet which I'd love to see live, but never had the chance - you can watch a really cool version on Youtube.
    The Nutcracker (also Tschaikovsky) and his other one is The sleeping beauty. Another classic as is Cendrilion (Cinderella).

  5. I've never been to ballet, but I'd love to try it one day. I've also been to the theatre and cinema (and, actually, to several different countries) on my own and I actually quite like it. Does that make me a bit of a social recluse? xx

  6. The blazer is so adorable, you look so elegant!

  7. I nearly bought this blazer yesterday but they didn't have my size, boohoo!!
    I would love to go to the ballet that's so cool xx

  8. ah, i also saw swan lake by the russian ballet in february! i loved them so much, it was my first ballet and thought it was just wonderful. you look great here by the way, such a lush outfit! xxx

  9. That panda blazer is so cute, and the ballet sounds so lovely, something I would love to see one day too xxx