Tuesday, 2 October 2012

when the weekend comes i know i'll feel alive..

top: primark
shoes: matalan
leopard print stockings: gifted
skirt: river island
Oh these outfit photos look as though they were taken in the dead of night. Actually, it was about 6.30 this morning, before I left for swimming. I've recently swapped it around so that I go for my daily swim before work, which I am totally loving at the moment. I've never been the best sleeper, which means that getting up early isn't too much of a problem, so why not use my (usually frittered away by faffing around) hours for swimming and then have more free time in my evenings.

This morning's conundrum was to do with the lady swimming in the lane next to me. She's quite often there in the mornings and has with her a jar of petroleum jelly. I can't for the life of me understand why. (Answers on a postcard please!)

Oh, these leopard print stockings have been languishing around waiting to be worn for what seems like forever. You wouldn't believe where they're from. Well, you will, because I'm about to tell you. Back when I was in Bestival preparation mode, I asked for these to be added to my order - inkeeping with the 'wildlife' theme, no?

But of course I forgot to pack them, so when I came back I wondered to myself, could they be regular hosiery, not just fancy dress? I decided to throw this outfit together to prove this theory.

This skirt, when I decided I wanted to focus on the colours of the top and the stockings and therefore needed something plain, was dug out of The Drawer of Black Things (so called because it contains a variety of black clothing, which used to make up my 'uniform' when I worked various bar and nightclub jobs. I'd forgotten I owned it really. I do that with too many clothes.

A relatively free evening means I can hopefully give myself some time to relax - yay.


  1. Yay for fancy dress as normal dress! An early morning swim must be a great motivator for rest of the day xxx

  2. Love the skirt and leopard print stockings :)

  3. lol... I am intrigued about the lady with the petroleum jelly! Love the leopard tights!!

  4. Morning gyming is most satisfying. I almost never do it...
    Love the stockings - they almost unexpectedly work great with the top and shoes. I completely neglected to fancy dress at Bestival. As per post that's just gone out, I made it as far as a rainbow on my face. For shame...

  5. Is the vaseline just to keep moisture in? Where does she apply it?! Maybe it makes her more aerodynamic? I know runners use it sometimes to stop chafing (nipples!) but I can't see why you'd get chafing when swimming. How odd!

    I love leopard print tights - I always remember buying a really expensive pair and leaving them on the train, boo.

  6. The good news is I love the shoes!
    The bad news is I am baffled and slightly alarmed by the vaseline thing.

  7. love this shoes and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  8. I feel there must be some point to the vaseline thing, like others have said, something to do with moisture (keeping it out or in) or to stop hair dye from running or something, goodness knows! Really like this outfit.