Saturday, 13 October 2012

you came in with the breeze, on sunday morning..

Fountains Day2
dress, bag: h+m // coat: george@asda // hat: marks and spencer
Last Sunday was a rather epic day, packed full of Yorkshire goodness. We got up fairly early and headed out in the crisp sunshine to Brimham Rocks, where we spent a good couple of hours climbing up and around on the rock structures, just like mountain goats!

Next, we headed across the county a little way (up a rather steep hill!) to Nunnington Hall, another National Trust property where we lunched on the picnic we'd packed earlier, much to the interest of the peacocks in the lovely gardens in front of the house.  Once we'd munched our way through that, we took the tour around the house and then after a quick tearoom stop, were back on the road.

Next stop was a random little village, Hutton-le-Hole, where we found a couple of little craft shops, a private museum and sheep, roaming around on the village green. Such a cute little village, but we didn't stay long. The girls' ticked it off their list, though and we were back en route to Thirsk, in order to see the home of James Herriot up close.

Being Sunday, we decided on a roast dinner for tea and figured that there had to be plenty of lovely little country pubs to choose from. After a few false-starts, it became clear that we'd have to compromise, so we went for a lovely Italian instead in Ripon, before returning to the cottage shattered and ready for bed after a long day in the countryside.    


  1. Char, you must have driven right past my house!! I was about to say Nunnington Hall is like 3 miles from where I live, but Hutton is even closer, I'm literally at the bottom of the hill from there! And my cousins used to live in the house next to the museum, so they used to let us play in there for free =D And I just love Brimham Rocks too, I'm such a mountain goat despite being ridiculously clumsy haha =D

  2. Last Sunday we also had a failed search for a Sunday dinner! When we got there after I had a nap they had ran out of roasts so we settled for burgers instead booo :( Looks like you had glorious weather.

  3. It looks and sounds idyllic!!!

  4. Looks like a gorgeous day! I love a sunny autumn day x

  5. Those rocks are insane! Really want to visit here!

    Maria xxx

  6. oh I'd love to head around Yorkshire in the sunshine x

  7. All places from my childhood - use to have so many day tips to Hutton-le-hole and playing in the stream there on summer days. Aw totally reminds me of the homeland!

  8. Amazing places, they all look so beautiful and it looks like the weather was lovely too xxx