Thursday, 8 November 2012

and i knew you'd soon be slinking back, turning on the charm..

dress: vera moda
cardigan: new look
heels: iron fist
Well after one of those Crazy Days yesterday, I finally feel as though I'm catching up.

I've been rather excited to wear my new shoes - they're one of the pairs I featured recently on a wishlist post and I couldn't resist them any longer. I love the fact that the print is skulls, but any potential gothiness is kept at bay by the Giant Bows!

I figured they'd go nicely with this poor neglected dress, to pick out the pink of the florals. Also, I had to go with something pink-friendly as we spent our Rangers meeting last night painting our nails, which meant I came home with bright pinks. (Not that I'd planned to paint nails all night, but the avocadoes I'd taken to mash up into facemasks were nowehere near ripe enough - fail!)

Oh, and talking of nails, if you fancy something a little (ok, a lot) better than I could ever aspire to, have a look at Sophie's Children In Need nails tutorial, here..


  1. those shoes are a delight. Skulls and a huge pink bow! x

  2. Holyy hell your legs are amazing. xo

  3. love this outfit, you look fab, and those SHOES! <3 i'm in love xxx

  4. Those shoes are amazing and you look as lovely as ever Char. Sorry I've not visited for a while! xxx

  5. those shoes are FAB! I can't wait to be able to wear heels again, oh, and I love that dress! x

  6. Love the grey/pink/forest green colours together Char - they look so pretty on you! And those shoes are amazing!

  7. I love that dress and you're right, the pink bow really complements the dress.

  8. love your dress so much! looking very lovely in this outfit :)

  9. Love those shoes and your hair looks so pretty like that!

    Maria xxx

  10. Nice outfit dear ! That dress is amazing- flower love :) !!! XX

  11. I love Vero Moda their pieces are so nice. That dress is lovely
    Daniella x

  12. I really love the colour of your cardigan. I'm a sucker for knitwear x

  13. Your heels are always so awesome Char! I'm loving that forest green shade of your cardi :)

    Robyn Mayday

  14. Those shoes are gorgeous! Love the print on them so much. The dress is pretty too, nice look all 'round!


  15. I really like those shoes. In fact I like a lot of Iron Fist shoes but a lot that I like tend to have peep toe, which I don't like.

    These, though, are fabulous.