Thursday, 29 November 2012

and if you'd like to talk for hours, just go ahead now..

skirt: primark // jumper: clothing at tesco
dinosaur print blouse (!): H! by Henry Holland (@Debenhams)
shoe boots: primark

Today's outfit photos aren't the best, but I've been so excited about the dinosaur blouse I couldn't wait to include it! I took Little Sis shopping a couple of weekends back and we popped into Debenhams in order that I could beeline towards the H! by Henry Holland selection. How glad I was I that I had, because otherwise I'd never have discovered this dinosaur print blouse - mog! - and taken advantage of the 20% off promotion they were running that weekend!

I'd been waiting for an opportunity to wear these boots, yet how disappointed I was with them! I picked them up in the sale in Harrogate's Primark store when I was holidaying in Yorkshire in October. I like that although they may be a different design, the colours match the dino blouse nicely. The only problem I had with them was that they fasten with a zip at the back, both of which spent the day coming unzipped just whilst I was walking around - so annoying.

I thought about gluing the zips closed, but I wouldn't be left with enough room to get my feet in and out of them, so sadly it looks as though they'll be heading for the shoe recycling bin next time I'm at the supermarket.

This is about the only jumper I own which is currently suitable for work, although I must admit I'm starting a bit of a knitwear "thing"..I may well have spent this morning ordering both of the ones from my winter wishlist post - oops.


  1. those primark booties are so cute, and yeah knitwear is pretty awesome hehe

  2. what a shame about boots! love the blouse though xx

  3. I hate it when shoes mess around! Love this dino print shirt and the fab jumper. I am failing to find enough jumpers for my liking this year...

  4. Awww, such a shame about the shoes, they're so pretty too!
    Is there anyway (it's a bit of faffing about) for you to put a few stitches below the zip after putting them on or anything like that to stop the zip falling down?
    At least the dino shirt was a success, and 20%, it was meant to be!

  5. That dino blouse was so meant to be! I wouldn't be satisfied with the quality of those boots, maybe try returning them or contacting Primark? Surely they are deemed faulty even if they were in the sale, faulty is no means acceptable! xxx

  6. that blouse was made for you, amazing :) xxx