Sunday, 18 November 2012

autumn days when the grass is jewelled..

dress: river island
tights: jonathan aston via tights please
heels: matalan
OK, so I totally copycatted the lovely Ella by ordering these tights. I saw them on one of her outfit posts a few weeks ago and broke my own rule about only buying cheap tights because of being such a tights-breaker!

I was impressed, as ever, with the speed of delivery from TightsPlease, who I've used before. Also, although I'd expected to get one wear from them and then get a ladder or something, I wore these for a day and they are still fine - they're a little thicker than I expected them to be, which is great for me. I also really like the fact they are on a nude background, not that horrid barely black, which I personally can't stand.

I thought I'd embrace autumnal colours by pairing them with these bargain Matalan heels and the Paris print River Island dress which I'm still a little in love with, but really need to take in.


  1. I LOVE these tights! I always buy cheap tights, and you're right it's silly, but these are gorgeous x

  2. These tights are amazing, especially with that lovely dress!

    Maria xxx

  3. Those tights are so cute! xx

  4. I LOVE everything about this outfit x

  5. awww those tights are perfect! Love your autumnal colours here x

  6. the tights are gorgeous, you look great :) i agree about the barely-black, ughhh i can't stand it, my tights either have to be nude or reeeeally black! xxx

  7. Lovely tights and I absolutely adore that dress, I'm so jealous. I bought it in the biggest size they had last year and it was still too tight across my bust, so reluctantly had to return it. Not only is the print gorgeous, but it's got such neat detailing to the design that you can't really appreciate until you see it up close.

  8. Hey,

    i love, love, love this dress! it's amazing!


  9. Wow Char, that is a beautiful outfit. The colours really suit you and those tights are adorable.

    I need some tights, I'm wanting some muted autumnal colours. I may have to look at Tights Please and see what they have.

    Thanks for sharing.


  10. Amazing tights! I ought to check out Tights please!