Friday, 2 November 2012

friday favourites 027..

001: BATA Camel Heels, £34.99
002: Desigual Melbourne heels, £118.99
It's a wishlist full of Spartoo shoes once more. What can I say? The change in weather and season has had a bit of an influence on me recently. I've been buying coats like they are going out of fashion. When it comes to footwear, however, I haven't been plumping for the "sensible" warm boots and suchlike to keep my toes warm when watching the fireworks. I've taken Autumnal influence in the colours I've been drawn to lately, instead.

 001: These heels, for instance. The pretty mustardy camel colour has got me thinking of piles of leaves on the ground, to kick my way through. Not whilst wearing them, though - I wouldn't want to ruin them. I love the flash of metal detail to them!

002: As for these, how lovely are they?! It's like someone took all of the lovely shades of Autumn, mixed them all together and turned them into a shoe. With a fabulously chuky looking heel, on top of a bit of a platform - I always like a bit of a platform, for stability. Might as well order these as a step towards embracing Autumn, no?

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