Friday, 9 November 2012

friday favourites 028..

001: Avon Barrel Bag, £115, Lancelot Knight
002: Kindle Cover, £18.50, Custard Bean
001: I'm ever so fickle when it comes to things like handbags. I've probably said before that I am not the kind of girl who you'll find saving up for months and months for a piece of designer arm candy. I'd rather have something a little more purse friendly, in a selection of candy colours! I may have found the answer with this bag, which Lancelot Knight do in a rainbow palette..

002: I was lucky enough to meet Heather, the lady behind Custard Bean, when I was holidaying in Yorkshire last month. She puts my sewing-machine skills to shame, producing the most beautiful quilts and gadget covers. I can't tell you how much this kindle cover would improve reading times; isn't it cute?

What are you wishing for this week?


  1. Love the kindle cover - what a sweet bag and lovely pattern. x

  2. I'm definitely not much of a bag girl as well but I love that one that you picked out! Such a beautiful shape and cut. :)


  3. that bag looks fabulous but way out of my budget too :(