Saturday, 3 November 2012

if you bring a gun, we'll bring an arsenal..

tshirt: merch stall
jacket: h+m // brogues: henry holland
shorts: river island
On Thursday evening, c/o Renault UK, I headed over to Wolverhampton Civic to see Lostprophets. I've seen them before, but not for what seems like ages, so I was rather excited. I'd won a competition on Twitter months ago, to a totally different gig, but the tickets hadn't arrived in time, so they kindly allowed me to choose tickets to anything I'd like..

I suppose this is my attempt at 'rock chic' outfit? I hadn't worn the shorts before, although they'd been languishing in the shorts box for a while. I had to use the safety pins on them to keep them from falling down - how thoroughly embarrassing.

Obviously I had to get a gig t-shirt. I used to go to a lot of gigs when I was at uni, and tried to always get a t-shirt, I really like them as a memento of where I've been and who I've seen. They tend to make it into the PJ trunk to go with pyjamas.

I didn't think much of the first support act, but really liked the second - We are the Ocean - who I hadn't heard of before, but have now downloaded their album from Amazon. (I prefer it to Itunes most of the time as it tends to be cheaper as well as allowing me to earn Nectar points). Then Lostprophets did a nice long set with a good mix of songs from Weapons and some of the old favourites. All in all it was the highlight of my week. (Or perhaps on a par with Tortoise Day tomorrow). And it's made me decide to make a conscious effort to go see more gigs. I miss them.


  1. Love your shorts and the brogues :)
    Glad you had a good time at the gig, I saw Lostprophets at V Festival in 2008 and they were pretty good. My boyfriend went to school with the lead singer from We Are The Ocean! Never heard any of their stuff before though :)
    Going to gigs is so much fun! I always get a tshirt when I see Muse. Not too bothered about any other bands but I have quite a collection now!

  2. you do look rocky !love the band tee :) xx

  3. Fantastic t-shirt - band tees are the best!

  4. I pretty much grew up with this band, They played all the local gigs and its lovely to see local boys doing so well. Been scrolling through all your old posts drooling over shoes xx