Tuesday, 20 November 2012

panda comes to stay..

shorts: clothing at tesco
panda jumper: blue inc*
leaopard boots: primark
Picture 002
dress: john zack // shoes: matalan
Does anyone else remember a cartoon called 'Spider'?  I was browsing the Blue Inc website, and when I saw this panda jumper, I couldn't help but think of the episode where the giant panda came to stay..

So, that little nostalgic nugget was what caused me to pick this jumper, and I wasn't disappointed when it arrived at my door. I've got to be honest and say that I hadn't been on the site before, but there seems to be a huge range of clothing,; you can get everything from printed dresses to palazzo trousers!

I love the bright colour of the jumper - something about autumn makes me turn to orange, and it's really thick so I was definitely nice and cosy in it for a wander around the Christmas market at the weekend. Although I played it safe for it's first outing, with shorts, tights and my trusty leopard print boots, I'm planning a more dressed up outfit with this polka dot dress and some matching heels for a meal out at the weekend - what do you think? Is it ok to dress up 'The Novelty Knit'?


  1. Ahh, I love this jumper! It's so cute, definitely a great alternative to the usual festive jumpers :) I think it goes well with the dress too, I love wearing jumpers over dresses x

  2. I remember Spider!! Although I was convinced it was called Spider in the Bath and I remember singing that along to the theme tune....might be one of those weird childhood things though. I'm also drawn to orange in autumn haha AND I love pandas so I looooveee the jumper choice :) xx

  3. Love this jumper, I think it will look great with the dressier outfit too :)

    Maria xxx

  4. I like the outfit you have on but I love the one you have planned, can't wait to see the photos xxx

  5. the dressed up novelty knit is looking brilliant! x

  6. Aw that jumper is so incredibly cute! =3 I absolutely love your styling idea for dressing it up too, would love to see that outfit!

    Florrie x

  7. Very cute! Yes, it'll look cute dressed up too!

  8. ohhh my god you have a panda jumper so jealous! i love this outfit, bet it'll look fab dressed up too xxx

  9. Awww the panda jumper looks soooo cute ! Want it :) XX

  10. No idea what Spider is and the clip didn't jog the memory either, but then I'm older than you, so it must've been after my time! I've just bought, worn and dressed up a jumper for the first time, so I say yes to wearing it with the polka dots!