Thursday, 22 November 2012

slip inside the eye of your mind..

fairisle knit slippers: barratts*
Yes, that's my dinosaur onesie. No, nobody needs to see a full-length picture of that.

Most of the time, my days are pretty full. What with running a business, swimming every morning, evenings filled up with guides, rangers, spinning classes and dressmaking lessons, and trying to control the allotment at the weekends, I don't end up spending a lot of spare time at home. And even if I do, I find it pretty hard to relax, as I'm one of those people who always feels like they *should* be doing something constructive. Not that I'm complaining; I'm definitely someone who works better under pressure and thrive on being busy. I'm not much of a relaxer, but sometimes everybody needs to take a bit of time out..

My favourite way to relax? Curl up on the sofa with a cup of coffee, a good book and a nice pair of slippers on. I'm easily pleased. Does it make me a total Granny if I admit that I always wear slippers when I'm at home? I hate wandering around in bare feet, and I don't really ever wear socks, so a cosy pair of slippers  to keep my toes warm are an essential.

I pack my slippers to go everywhere with me - even to a recent Guides holiday weekend, which was fine except my old pair were so close to falling apart that one of the other leaders decided to throw them out to 'do me a favour'. How lucky was I when Barratts saved the day with a replacement?

I tend to favour boot styles, like these, partly because they are usually really comfortable - these ones have a cushioned sole which makes it feel a little as though I'm walking on sponge - or moon boots, does anyone remember those?! - and partly because it means I don't have to look at my horrid feet. Weirdly, whilst I'm a bit obsessed with shoes, Ican't stand feet, and find my own the absolute worst of all.

What's your favourite way to relax? I can't be the only slipper fan out there..can I?


  1. Aww I absolutely love slippers like these! I need a new pair for Christmas.

    Sarah x

  2. They do look awesomely comfortable!

  3. I love slipper boots too, I have a pair you can heat up and they smell gorgeous too. Sorry if you think I'm been noses but what's the business you own? Or what do you do? I'd love to work for myself but not sure if I'd ever have the guts to go for it xxx

  4. I'm obsessed with slipper boots! I'm actually looking to get some for my secret santa at work!


  5. I'm more of a slipper socks girl but these are super cute and look really really cosy :)

  6. Ooooh, no I love my slippers and jim jams! I have some fluffy boot style ones at the moment but I'm fancying some Raccoon ones I saw in Accessorize :)

  7. Lovely slippers Char. I'm a huge fan of onesie, blanket a cup of tea and a book or DVD! x

  8. I love slippers! Hate not having some, need to put some on my Christmas list!x