Sunday, 4 November 2012

stand down this fight can not be won..

dress: new look
cardigan: dorothy perkins
shoes: topshop
Happy Tortoise Day! I'm off to collect the tortoise today and excited just doesn't cover it. I promise pictures as soon as I've got them.

A quick outfit post from a fairly dressed down day this week. I'd realised that I'd not yet worn this cardigan, which I'd been given as a birthday present (so a good few months - I ought to be ashamed!) and decided it would go quite nicely with the florals in this dress; an old New Look favourite due to the colours and the Peter Pan collar.

I really need to do something about the awful state of my hair. I'm putting it's horrid condition lately down to the amount of time I spend in the swimming pool, so I'm going to start being one of Those People, who swim in a hat. Gaah. I remember having swimming hats for lessons when we were at school, and my only memory is of the pain of catching your hair in it when you put it on - I hope they're not as bad as I remember. I probably need some product recommendations, too..?


  1. This outfit injects a bit of summer into a dull day! Can't wait to see the tortoise =) x

  2. Label M intense conditioning mask! Kinda 'spensive but amazing for your hair!
    I bet your well excited! You should try and tame him/her to fetch : )


  3. Ooh can't wait to see the tortoise! You won't have to try to steal Bernard anymore haha.

  4. I'm absolutely in love with your cardigan!! So excited for your wee tortoise, am so jealous

  5. awww happy tortoise day, i can't wait to see! :D
    in terms of hair products, i always like the aussie deep conditioners and use them instead of regular conditioner since i wash my hair so infrequently - they might be worth a shot? also, i don't know if you use it already, but boots do a swimmers shampoo/conditioner and leavein conditioner so it means when you wash your hair it gets all the bad stuff out, and protects it from the pool for next time. i always get them when i go on hol at least xxx

  6. Love the stripes with the florals!


  7. I am so jealous that you are getting a tortoise! Aussie 3 minute miracle is great and smells amazing (their leave in conditioner is also gooooood) and Boots have a coconut and almond range which is also fab (and pretty cheap too!)

    Maria xxx