Monday, 26 November 2012

sweet sixteen and we had arrived..

pencil skirt: primark
necklace: oasis // top: forever21
shoe boots: topshop
cardigan: h+m
A bit of a thrown-together affair, today. I wanted to stay in bed for that extra ten minutes this morning in order to finish the book I was reading. I hadn't worn this pencil skirt before, it was a fairly cheap Primark purchase, when I was in Yorkshire last month.

These shoes are one of the only (two) pairs I've ever bought duplicates of. The originals were a rather fabulously romantic gesture from someone I used to know. I wore them (literally) to death, killing them on the cobbles in my town. After years and years of stalking ebay for them, I managed to find a pair to replace them. And I still love them as much as the first time I saw them on the website..

Is it crazy to replace things when they wear out? Do you buy something new and different instead, or stay with something you know you love?


  1. I bought the same pair of New Look shoes four times. I used to endlessly hunt them down on Ebay!


  2. If the shoe duplicates! I have two of the same cardi except I no longer want to wear it at all, oops! xx

  3. I've bought multiples of the same thing, if you love it then why not? xx

  4. You have the best shoe collection! I always buy multiples of things if I love them a lot, I always tend to stick with what I know!

    Jennie xo |

  5. ALL the dots! Loves it. There are pairs of shoes I wish I had bought multiples of as it's so difficult to find a shoe that not only fits but suits my feet too, & feels dead comfortable. So you're totally on the right wagon, doing that!

  6. I love this skirt and the shoes are beautiful, definitely worth replacing!

    Maria xxx

  7. those shoes are lovely, and so cute!

  8. If it's the perfect shoe then it's so worth investing in duplicates xxx