Monday, 31 December 2012

it's the end of the world as we know it..

dress: vintage laura ashley
zebra cardigan: dorothy perkins
I'm still thinking about my resolutions for the year. Some of last year's were a success, whilst others fell by the wayside a little, and I don't want to just use the same list again, tempting though that may be.

 Today's outfit post was hastily thrown together before a trip to a nearby antiques centre. I love that possibility that you may find something wonderful in amongst all of the hideous figurines and battered old chairs. It's a bit like searching for buried treasure. I didn't come home with anything, though.

This dress is a Laura Ashley one, bought from a vintage shop, although I'm not really sure how old it actually is. The zebra print cardigan was something I'd seen in Dorothy Perkins but missed out on, and ended up having to track down on ebay.

Hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve. I have no plans myself, which I'm really rather glad about. My first hope for 2013 is that life will be a little less crazy busy. We shall see.

Friday, 28 December 2012

friday favourites 033..

001: Daisy Dinosaur, The Whistling Cowgirl, £15
002: Jardin Rose Dress, Phase Eight, £140
It wouldn't be Friday without a wishlist, would it? Not that I can really keep track of what day it is this week.

001: I'm lucky enough to know the local lady behind The Whistling Cowgirl. This dinosaur plush obviosly stole my heart at a recent craft fair, but I was trying to focus my attentions on buying presents for other people and not myself, prior to Xmas anyway.

 002: Wouldn't this dress be perfect for Spring? Maybe the weather will allow picnics and a bit of outdoors time this spring, and I can just see this as the perfect tea party dress. Anyone for a picnic?

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

i love lamp..

top: therapy (house of fraser)
shoes: irregular choice
skirt: river island
Just because I came up with the wardrobe zoo, doesn't mean I can only wear clothes with animals printed on them, right? I'm thinking not. House of Fraser recently had a big sale on and I couldn't resist adding this print to my 'zoo'.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

merry xmas everyone..

dinsoaur blouse: h! by henry holland
cardigan: TU
shoes: irregular choice
skirt: matalan
Merry Xmas everyone - I hope all are having a good day. I'm rather looking forward to the parsnips and sprouts at dinner (my favourite of all veg, ever!)

Given my excitement when I first spotted this blouse in Debenhams, I can hardly believe it's taken me so long to post this set of outfit pics. Obviously they are work ones from a little while back, as I haven't got my netbook with me at the moment to upload any from today.

In all honestly, if it wasn't for the print, I probably wouldn't have gone for this blouse. It's sheer, which doesn't bother me toooo much, but the fact that it's cropped as well makes me feel a little awkward in it. To combat this, I paired it with a skirt I can wear a little higher on the waist, and also kept my cardi buttoned up for most of the day.

Monday, 24 December 2012

it was christmas eve in the drunk tank..

skirt: river island
heels: marks and spencer limited collection
blouse: matalan

A bit of a party outfit, for the Christmas meal I went to with some of the local guiding folk. It was just a pub grub affair, but I always like an opportunity to dress up, and when I found this skirt, it sort of screamed "party" at me. I can't remember when I last wore it.

Pretty sure this giraffe print blouse has been waiting for it's first wear for months now. It's lovely and shiny satin at the front, although I hadn't realised quite how sheer the back was. Luckily I wear most things with a cardigan anyway.

The shoes were a recent ebay bargain, and I really like them. 

Is everyone all sorted for the Big Day? I seem to have got everything wrapped and tagged up in plenty of time, so have been enjoying my last day of relaxing with some carolsinging with the guides this morning, before the craziness commences. 

Sunday, 23 December 2012

sunday shoes 012..

I'm so pleased with this week's shoe bargain. I nabbed these at the last minute on ebay for 99p, and can't wait for them to arrive. I love mary janes and have been trying to track myself down a pair of plain grey heels for a while. Hopefully these will fit the bill nicely.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

when the day turns into night..

heels: primark
reindeer tshirt: river island
sequin skirt, cardigan: new look
On my recent trip to Birmingham, I wandered around Forever 21 and really liked all of the sequins around. It sparked some thoughts about sequins for daytime, as I don't really have any parties planned to dress up for. When I spotted this skirt, a week or so later in the New Look sale, I thought I'd risk £7 to give it a try.

For a day at the office, followed by a meal with friends in the evening, I've teamed it with the reindeer print tee I picked up in River Island (festive, no?) and a long blue cardigan as I'm not convinced the shape of the skirt flatters at all. Some trusty Primark heels and I was ready to go.

Transitional dressing, I think it's called...?

Friday, 21 December 2012

friday favourites 032..

001: Yumi mini rose print coat, £45
002: Love Moschino handbag, £119.99
This week my Friday Favourites list doesn't actually feature any shoes! Don't worry, I am feeling ok (I seem to be quite recovered from last weekend's illness), but I just seem to have let other things catch my eye. And make their way into my basket. And through the checkout. Oops. But I figure this is fine, as I seem to have finished all of my Christmas shopping in plenty of time and surely that deserves a reward..?

But as they aren't arrived yet, they definitely count as still being on the wishlist, don't they?

001: This coat caught my eye when I was in House of Fraser to pick up some goodies with a friend last week. I tried on the mustard one straight away, but then discovered that on the Yumi website, they had it in orange, which I preferred, so I was straight onto that when the Yumi sale started.

002: This handbag has been something I 've fancied for ages now. I love the quirky print on it, as well as the fact that it's plenty big enough for all of the things I seem to carry around with me (essentials, I suppose, although in my case this seems to consist mainly of receipts and old pens which no longer work!) I can't wait for this to arrive.

What's on your wishlist this week?

Thursday, 20 December 2012

the most famous reindeer of all..

coat: primark
reindeer blazer: asos
heels : Spartoo
dress: primark
My nod towards a festive outfit for the guides christmas party on monday evening; a quick raid of the wardrobe zoo came up with this reindeer print blazer, which I don't think I've worn since it asrrived about a year ago.

I'd almost forgotten about these shoes, as well. I was having a bit of a tidy up of the wardrobe room at the weekend to find the next lot of things to sell on, and came across these, hidden away in a box I'd sort of forgotten about.

A pretty, festive colour. I'm still not feeling festive, though. Despite getting all of my Christmas post sent out on Monday (and wasn't that a task!) which was a big weight off my mind, I seem to have an endless to-do list and things with the office move aren't really helping, as there is more and more to be done with that. All of the things I had planned for the Xmas break may have to go on hold as we will probably be moving instead. 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

tuesday titles 009..


I haven't had much spare time lately, but this book has been travelling around almost everywhere with me. It's been to the dentist, the gym, and on the guides' weekend away with me last weekend; I just couldn't put it down during any spare moment I got.

Miracle Cure, by Harlan Coben

When one of a trio of scientists working in a highly discreet clinic commits suicide, the others are stunned. They'd been so close to finding a cure for the AIDS virus, so close to securing the funding they needed, why would Bruce take his own life? Why then? Perhaps, think a certain detective and journalist, he didn't...

As the clinic's cured patients start to be picked off by what the media dub the "Gay Slasher" one by one, the pressure is on for everyone who wants answers.

Basketball star Michael and his journalist bride Sara seem to be  'couple of the moment' with her big break into television. I really liked these two, Sara particularly as she came across as strong-willed, given the way she refuses to allow her medical condition to affect her life. Sadly, after Michael collapses in training, he makes the news for another and more sinister reason, which is where the plot begins to liven up.

For the first few chapters it did seem like more and more characters were being thrown into the mix; something which I often find frustrating, but in this case didn't seem to bother me. The links between characters, cleverly sub-plotted together seem to make it all gel, meaning that the reader isn't overwhelmed by too many names to keep track of.

My usual criticism of thrillers such as this, is that the crescendo ending is left too late, meaning it has to be neatly wrapped up in a matter of pages. Again, I didn't find Miracle Cure to be like that at all. The ending has a nice twist, which I was almost still guessing at when it was revealed - I love a book like that, where the ending isn't too obvious.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this. The subject matter is a little dated, I guess. In particular, the reactions of general public to AIDS and sexuality, but I think that's easy enough to overlook and didn't impinge on my enjoyment of the book.

Friday, 14 December 2012

friday favourites 031..

001: Eliza J 3/4 sleeve dress, £130
002: Whistles Clara dress, £115
003: Chinese Laundry 'Work it Out' heels, £64.99
For this week's wishlist I could hardly avoid all of the lovely party dresses around at the moment, could I, given the time of year? I don't have any parties to go to, but it's a bit of a tradition to dress up nicely for Christmas Dinner on the day itself, so I've been having a bit of a browse and would love to be dressed in one of these beauties...

001: The collar and cuff detail on this dress is wonderful. i really like the ruched waist as well, which I think would be quite flattering. I sometimes shy away from longer length dresses, but I think with the right pair of shoes, they can look lovely. 

002: I really love the lace top and neckline detail on this Whistles dress, and the jewel colour makes me think it's perfect for wintery parties with a furry collar?

003: What Christmas outfit would be complete without the perfect pair of heels? I love the glittery finish of these, which I think would be plenty high enough to go with the first dress.

What will you be wearing on Christmas Day?

Thursday, 13 December 2012

they're singing deck the halls..

Picture 022
panda blazer: primark
Picture 018
top: matalan
Picture 019
skirt: primark
Picture 011

Just a quick outfit post, worn last Friday in an attempt at something sort of officey with this top, which had been close to the 'get rid' pile. I can't get rid of that fab collar, though, however big the top may be on me now, as I love the pearl detail way too much.

I should be feeling all festive; so far this week I've had a practice run for the guides' Christmas show next week, have eaten mince pies and held a mini-party at Rangers as their end of term 'do', as well as spending last weekend cooking Christmas dinner for 19 people, opening secret santa presents and watching festive films. I even have a Christmas meal to go to this evening.

This is all well and good, but all I'm feeling is stressed about the number of cards I still have to post, presents I still need to decide on, purchase, wrap and send, and just all the stuff I generally seem to be running out of time to do. Have literally not stopped for the past couple of days, have been getting up at 5.30 so I have an extra hour of sorting out in the morning before I leave to swim, and I'm nowhere near on top of it all. Aaaaaargh.

Anyway. Better get back to it. Anyone else feeling more stress-tive than festive?

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

send me away with the words of a love song..

Picture 001
red or dead 'addy' tights
Picture 012
tights: tightsplease*
Picture 010
brocade skirt: forever 21
zebra ring: new look // jumper, necklaces: primark
Picture 004
shoes: faith
I mentioned that I'd recently tried to broaden my horizons when it came to where I shop for tights. I always worry there's little point in spending a lot on tights when I don't seem to be able to get more than a few wears from a pair. I do seem to have a knack when it comes to attracting ladders and runs.

But I'd been impressed with the leaf print tights I ordered recently from Tightsplease, so when they asked me if I wouldn't mind reviewing one of their other pairs I was more than happy to. They sent me these Red or Dead "Addy" tights, which I wore today and definitely like so far.

I do like printed / patterned tights, but I'm not a fan of those "barely black" ones with patterns on. I was therefore pleased when these were a nice thick opaque black, with a double seam in grey running up the back. They're nice and thick, which I was grateful for when I went outside to find it was -7C when I left for work. They feel as though they'll last nicely for a while.

I didn't seem to have any problems with the seams not staying in place, which is something of a bugbear with some seamed stockings and tights I've worn in the past; the nice effect is ruined somewhat if your seam is running around your leg.

As for the rest of the outfit, I picked up this skirt from Forever 21 when I was in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago, mainly because it's rather similar to one I used to love to wear around the Christmas season. I love brocade fabrics, as there seems to be something a little luxurious about them. These brocade heels from Faith (years ago) are an old favourite, but still going strong.

Due to the temperature, I threw on a jumper (picked up in a couple of colours from Primark - again in Bham) and my floor-length faux fur coat before leaving the house. Probably could have done with a scarf as well!                

Monday, 10 December 2012

let the sky fall..

Picture 003
coat: george at asda
Picture 008
scarf: h+m
Picture 007
flat shoes : Spartoo
Picture 009
dress: topshop
Picture 017
These photos were taken a few weeks ago now, when I went to see Skyfall at the cinema. I'd been in one of those silly "I'd sort of rather stay at home because I can't be bothered" moods, so I was pleasantly surprised when I thoroughly enjoyed the film.

I wasn't sure I'd got around to posting outfit photos of my latest pink coat. I picked it up a while ago from George@Asda, despite the fact I already have a pink coat. The other one is longer and doesn't have bows, or a hood, so that's totally ok, right..?

I really like this dress, I only recently rediscovered it in a bag of clothes I got back from storage. I'd almost forgotten about it. Due to the tie at the back, it's not too obviously huge on me now, which is a good thing. There's a kind of black under-dress layer, which is quite bodycon, and then a floaty, polka dot print dress over the top, with a low V to the back, and a sash to tie. I should have got better pictures, but these were hastily snapped on my phone as I was in a rush to leave.

I am really loving these shoes as well at the moment. I recently picked them up for next to nothing, meaning I have them in three different colours now, but they are so cute and easy to wear that I see nothing wrong with this.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

I was just a has-been, gone there, done that, got the T-shirt..

jumper, boots: primark
tights: clothing at tesco
shorts: oasis
Sundays are made for slouching? Well, outfit-wise, maybe. I threw on my comfy things last Sunday in a rush to get to spinning class on time, followed by kettlebell class, which I hadn't tried before but really enjoyed. It was like an aerobics class, but with the added element of a kettlebell weight, round with a grab handle on top.

I hadn't ever been much of a jumper fan before, but last weekend I bought five new ones. Most of those came from Primark. I haven't gone for anything overtly Christmassy, although one does have a penguin on it. I know what I'm like about getting bored of things and forgetting about them; things have a tendency to go to the back of the wardrobe after one wear.

The boots are really comfy, I wear them a lot for kicking around the place; I like something a little bit more that just a pair of ballet flats to put with thick tights in the colder months. Cosy! WHat's your Sunday slouchy outfit ? 

Saturday, 8 December 2012

concrete jungle where dreams are made..

heels: irregular choice
dress, blazer: primark

These photos were taken shortly before my hopeless old camera decided it was time to close it's last shutter and head for that big electronics graveyard in the sky.Does anyone have any (not too fancy) camera recommendations?

I picked up this dress and blazer (along with about a million other things) last week on a trip to Primark, when I was supposed to be using my time to get some of my Xmas shopping done. I did buy a few presents as well..And I keep telling myself it's ok to buy new things so that I no longer have to sulk about the fact that none of my clothes fit me.

I really like both of these; the pintuck detail to the sleeves of the blazer drew me to that, whilst the dress caught my eye because I don't seem to be able to get enough of the lace detail to the neckline and it's contrast with the tweedy fabric. Plus, they gave me a chance to crack out the new Skyline heels I won on ebay recently. I love those too.

Has anyone else been getting distracted whilst Christmas shopping, or do you all have more self-control?