Saturday, 8 December 2012

concrete jungle where dreams are made..

heels: irregular choice
dress, blazer: primark

These photos were taken shortly before my hopeless old camera decided it was time to close it's last shutter and head for that big electronics graveyard in the sky.Does anyone have any (not too fancy) camera recommendations?

I picked up this dress and blazer (along with about a million other things) last week on a trip to Primark, when I was supposed to be using my time to get some of my Xmas shopping done. I did buy a few presents as well..And I keep telling myself it's ok to buy new things so that I no longer have to sulk about the fact that none of my clothes fit me.

I really like both of these; the pintuck detail to the sleeves of the blazer drew me to that, whilst the dress caught my eye because I don't seem to be able to get enough of the lace detail to the neckline and it's contrast with the tweedy fabric. Plus, they gave me a chance to crack out the new Skyline heels I won on ebay recently. I love those too.

Has anyone else been getting distracted whilst Christmas shopping, or do you all have more self-control?


  1. Love the skyline heels, and wow those are great finds, it feels like whenever I go into Primark it either seems to have only leftover sizes of things I like or not much at all. Might have a wander in there today (not that I can justify buying new clothes.. at all!) xxx

  2. I get distracted too! I went in Primark to get the kids some pyjamas and came out with loads of sale bargains! Like the dress with sausage dogs on & a playsuit with bunnies!
    I see you managed to get the IC cat shoes on eBay (the flats in blue & pink), I was watching them & got distracted by naughty kids & then forgot to bid!
    Good to see you got the skyline ICs. I really want some unicorn print ones so I'm obsessively checking in the hope that some appear ;0)

  3. I wish I'd been up to a proper browse in's not very crutches friendly :( x

  4. I don't have much self-control, but I do have absolutely no money, so I haven't been able to treat myself to much! xx

  5. Luckily I get put off heading into Primark because of the crowds! Love those shoes x

  6. That dress is lovely, I need to check out Primark, I haven't been clothes shopping for ages!

    Maria xxx