Sunday, 9 December 2012

I was just a has-been, gone there, done that, got the T-shirt..

jumper, boots: primark
tights: clothing at tesco
shorts: oasis
Sundays are made for slouching? Well, outfit-wise, maybe. I threw on my comfy things last Sunday in a rush to get to spinning class on time, followed by kettlebell class, which I hadn't tried before but really enjoyed. It was like an aerobics class, but with the added element of a kettlebell weight, round with a grab handle on top.

I hadn't ever been much of a jumper fan before, but last weekend I bought five new ones. Most of those came from Primark. I haven't gone for anything overtly Christmassy, although one does have a penguin on it. I know what I'm like about getting bored of things and forgetting about them; things have a tendency to go to the back of the wardrobe after one wear.

The boots are really comfy, I wear them a lot for kicking around the place; I like something a little bit more that just a pair of ballet flats to put with thick tights in the colder months. Cosy! WHat's your Sunday slouchy outfit ? 


  1. Love these boots! x

  2. I'm a but in love with your tights Char! x

  3. You can never beat a bit of leopard print to jazz up an outfit!

  4. These last three days I have had dreadfully lazy days and have just bummed about in t-shirt, hoody and trackie bottoms. Tomorrow is another matter though, I am off out into town so will actually be seeing real live human types, so thick tights and boots then!!