Monday, 24 December 2012

it was christmas eve in the drunk tank..

skirt: river island
heels: marks and spencer limited collection
blouse: matalan

A bit of a party outfit, for the Christmas meal I went to with some of the local guiding folk. It was just a pub grub affair, but I always like an opportunity to dress up, and when I found this skirt, it sort of screamed "party" at me. I can't remember when I last wore it.

Pretty sure this giraffe print blouse has been waiting for it's first wear for months now. It's lovely and shiny satin at the front, although I hadn't realised quite how sheer the back was. Luckily I wear most things with a cardigan anyway.

The shoes were a recent ebay bargain, and I really like them. 

Is everyone all sorted for the Big Day? I seem to have got everything wrapped and tagged up in plenty of time, so have been enjoying my last day of relaxing with some carolsinging with the guides this morning, before the craziness commences. 


  1. Those shoes are totally gorgeous! Have a lovely Christmas Char xxx

  2. I love your skirt, it definitely is Christmassy. Have a great Christmas Char!!

  3. Gorgeous outfit, i love the blouse! x

  4. Oooft that skirt is definitely party-ready isn't it! :) I'm planning my christmas ensemble.... I'm thinking lots of glitter.... ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  5. shoe envy! That skirt was perfect for xmas eve, very festive xx