Thursday, 20 December 2012

the most famous reindeer of all..

coat: primark
reindeer blazer: asos
heels : Spartoo
dress: primark
My nod towards a festive outfit for the guides christmas party on monday evening; a quick raid of the wardrobe zoo came up with this reindeer print blazer, which I don't think I've worn since it asrrived about a year ago.

I'd almost forgotten about these shoes, as well. I was having a bit of a tidy up of the wardrobe room at the weekend to find the next lot of things to sell on, and came across these, hidden away in a box I'd sort of forgotten about.

A pretty, festive colour. I'm still not feeling festive, though. Despite getting all of my Christmas post sent out on Monday (and wasn't that a task!) which was a big weight off my mind, I seem to have an endless to-do list and things with the office move aren't really helping, as there is more and more to be done with that. All of the things I had planned for the Xmas break may have to go on hold as we will probably be moving instead. 


  1. Oh no I hope you manage to get some time to do your own thing over Christmas! We moved offices over the summer and it must have taken a good month to get back on track. I love everything in this outfit, the dress is gorgeous :)

  2. I love this outfit on you, a very classy Christmas outfit!

    Maria xxx

  3. Oh poor you! What a rotten thing to have to do during your holidays! Hope it isn't too bad. Come and sing Christmas carols with me in London, you'll feel festive then!
    You look very pretty in these outfits, love the red!

  4. Argh office moves are a huge pain, and always take longer and involve far more faff than you'd think. I hope you at leadt get Christmas Day to relax and enjoy yourself.
    Love the blazer, wish it was still in stock! :(


  5. Hi Char, just a wee note to thank you for another year of friendship and to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas. Here's to a fab 2013 as well. xx

  6. Really lovely festive reds, hope you get a chance to feel Christmassy soon. I LOVE that sketch of you on your sidebar.