Thursday, 13 December 2012

they're singing deck the halls..

Picture 022
panda blazer: primark
Picture 018
top: matalan
Picture 019
skirt: primark
Picture 011

Just a quick outfit post, worn last Friday in an attempt at something sort of officey with this top, which had been close to the 'get rid' pile. I can't get rid of that fab collar, though, however big the top may be on me now, as I love the pearl detail way too much.

I should be feeling all festive; so far this week I've had a practice run for the guides' Christmas show next week, have eaten mince pies and held a mini-party at Rangers as their end of term 'do', as well as spending last weekend cooking Christmas dinner for 19 people, opening secret santa presents and watching festive films. I even have a Christmas meal to go to this evening.

This is all well and good, but all I'm feeling is stressed about the number of cards I still have to post, presents I still need to decide on, purchase, wrap and send, and just all the stuff I generally seem to be running out of time to do. Have literally not stopped for the past couple of days, have been getting up at 5.30 so I have an extra hour of sorting out in the morning before I leave to swim, and I'm nowhere near on top of it all. Aaaaaargh.

Anyway. Better get back to it. Anyone else feeling more stress-tive than festive?


  1. Love your blazer! I'm totally not feeling festive yet, I've bought a few presents but still have about a million to buy, I just can't be bothered this year!x

  2. I love this blazer! I saw it in Primark the other day and thought it was so cute!! Im feeling pretty organised this year with xmas as im working up till xmas so kinda had to be!! xx

  3. Yay for matching panda blazers ;)I love that top, I tend to layer tops like that under a fitted jumper if the fit is a bit off and then you can still appreciate the beautiful collar!

    Maria xxx

  4. Poor you! Christmas is definitely not a calming time of year. Thankfully I'm ok for the minute but when I get home for Christmas on Wednesday I just know everything is going to be mad as I get everything wrapped and try to dole out the presents before Christmas day.
    I absolutely adore your blazer btw

  5. The collar on this top is sooo cute! I'm in a similar situation with Xmas shopping, lots left to do ugh xxx

  6. I'm loving the panda blazer and the collar of that top soooooo much. Xmas - pah! I'm bored of it already! xx

  7. You look fab! I agree, do not get rid of that pretty top!
    19 people for christmas dinner!?!?!?!

  8. Feel free to send it in this direction if you ever decide to give it the chop! However, I wouldn't if I were you because it looks rather lovely on you!!!
    Sorry you're feeling stressed! I'm feeling rather panicky about what I must achieve pre-Christmas!

  9. Oh god, this. We just got back from Amsterdam, and we now have 7 days before we're due back in Cambs to do family for Christmas- the shopping is half done, not a single card has been sent, the wrapping materials haven't arrived yet and we both have a shit crazy week at work.... HELP