Tuesday, 18 December 2012

tuesday titles 009..


I haven't had much spare time lately, but this book has been travelling around almost everywhere with me. It's been to the dentist, the gym, and on the guides' weekend away with me last weekend; I just couldn't put it down during any spare moment I got.

Miracle Cure, by Harlan Coben

When one of a trio of scientists working in a highly discreet clinic commits suicide, the others are stunned. They'd been so close to finding a cure for the AIDS virus, so close to securing the funding they needed, why would Bruce take his own life? Why then? Perhaps, think a certain detective and journalist, he didn't...

As the clinic's cured patients start to be picked off by what the media dub the "Gay Slasher" one by one, the pressure is on for everyone who wants answers.

Basketball star Michael and his journalist bride Sara seem to be  'couple of the moment' with her big break into television. I really liked these two, Sara particularly as she came across as strong-willed, given the way she refuses to allow her medical condition to affect her life. Sadly, after Michael collapses in training, he makes the news for another and more sinister reason, which is where the plot begins to liven up.

For the first few chapters it did seem like more and more characters were being thrown into the mix; something which I often find frustrating, but in this case didn't seem to bother me. The links between characters, cleverly sub-plotted together seem to make it all gel, meaning that the reader isn't overwhelmed by too many names to keep track of.

My usual criticism of thrillers such as this, is that the crescendo ending is left too late, meaning it has to be neatly wrapped up in a matter of pages. Again, I didn't find Miracle Cure to be like that at all. The ending has a nice twist, which I was almost still guessing at when it was revealed - I love a book like that, where the ending isn't too obvious.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this. The subject matter is a little dated, I guess. In particular, the reactions of general public to AIDS and sexuality, but I think that's easy enough to overlook and didn't impinge on my enjoyment of the book.


  1. Ooh, I'm always after recommendations for new books to read, and this sounds like a goody! Will have to put it on my ever growing to- read list! Have you read any of the Peter James books? I'm working my way through his back catalogue at the moment and his books are totally unputdownable too!

    Maddie xxx

  2. Ooh I do like a good thriller... Might have to check that one out. xx