Wednesday, 23 January 2013

get out of this place while we still have time..

blazer: george@asda
loafers: matalan
shorts: primark
cat blouse: handmade
I'm not sure whether to count this blouse as something I made this month. Yes, I finished it this month, but I started it many moons ago, so I don't think it can count towards my resolution. I'd been putting off the collar, sleeve facings and buttonholes for an absolute age, but when I finally had a burst of sewing energy and got around to them, I couldn't think why, as they weren't too bad (aside from the tiny issue that the fabric with it's interfacing was too thick for my buttonhole foot, so I had to do each edge of each buttonhole separately and ended up hand-sewing the majority of them!).

I tend to favour sleeveless blouses, so had chosen to go for the sleeveless pattern. I'm sure it will be quite good in the summer on it's own with shorts, but whilst the snow remained I decided to throw this bargain checked blazer on top of it, picked up from George recently for £6 in the sale. I'm not sure whether it was supposed to be a proper coat, but it's thin enough to wear as a blazer. I added some equally bargainous (£3.50!) studded loafers from Matalan. I rather like the fact that their studs match the coloru of the shoes; looks less fierce than silver ones, I think.

I'd planned to post these pictures yesterday, but ended up rushing home to attend to a bit of a plumbing emergency instead. My boiler had been making some rather unhealthy noises and ended up flooding everywhere yesterday. It was repaired fine, although some of the Irregular Choic collection are currently drying out. I'm sure they will be fine, though. Everything is just manic this week.                                        


  1. Can't believe you made that top, it is my favourite part of the outfit (even before i knew it was handmade) you very talented!

    Sorry to hear about the boiler disaster, I hope your shoes survive!

    Janine xx
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  2. The blouse is one of the best things I've ever seen! so cute, I can't believe you made that - clever girl!

  3. Love the blouse, you're so talented! Hope everything gets sorted. xx

  4. Char that blouse is amazing! I'd pay good money for one of those x

  5. Wow I'm in love with those loafers!

  6. oooo no not your shoes, I hope they survive. The blouse is fab and I would so count it! xxx

  7. Your blouse is amazing, come make me clothes????

  8. Oh no fingers crossed your shoes are ok!

  9. Love the blouse! Your so talented!
    I really like the shoes too, I like them even more knowing the price!! Xx

  10. That cat blouse is amazing! xxx