Wednesday, 16 January 2013

i walk a mile, with a smile..

dress: vintage
heels : miss selfridge
cardigan: forever 21
Another clashy outfit. This just seems like the cosy type of cardigan I have favoured recently to try and keep me somewhere near warm whilst I'm at my desk. It's not been working very well but I've also been adding a fur coat over the top, which has helped.

I couldn't decide the other day whether I liked this "matching tights to shoes" thing or not.  I'm not sure if it draws the attention away from the pretty high heels because they're almost the same colour and maybe blend in together..?

I also realise that if it snows I'm probably going to have to start wearing sensible boots. Gaah. I love snow, but is it worth that?

Hope everyone is keeping warm.  I've been a bit off the radar this week flitting between offices old and new, but finally order is being restored. Off to my first Rangers meeting of the term this eve, yay.


  1. Love it. Clashing is where it's at. xx

  2. Clashy ouutfits are the best outfits!! The cardigan is my fave out of this. Sensible boots?! . . . . just shove a pair of wellies on with uber bright wellie socks!

    Rianna x

  3. I've not really embraced the matching tights to shoes thing but it looks great on you. x

  4. I'm undecided on the tights/shoes thing too - it's meant to make your legs look longer but that's not something you drastically need! I do love the clashiness though :)

  5. I am on the fence with the matching shoes/tights! I only do it with black, but I think this looks lovely =) xx