Sunday, 13 January 2013

let's go surfing..

necklace: h&m
dress: therapy @ house of fraser*
cardigan: primark
Recently my outfits seem to have been a lot more matchy matchy than they used to be. I'm not sure why this is. Perhaps it's something to do with the fact I am never organised enough to put out an outfit the night before, but get up and look for something I don't hate in my bleary-eyed 6am state before heading off to the swimming pool, and it's usually just easier to throw on the black shoes and cardigan which seem to go with everything.

The other day, though, I was back to my old pattern-clashing ways. I'd picked this cardigan up from Primark a little while ago, and the dress was from the sale rail at House of Fraser - one of those things I wasn't quite sure about until I'd tried it on at home and decided that yes, I did like it. The background of the print is actually really dark green, hence the green shoes, but I think it goes nicely with the black stripes as well.

Are you in the clash team, or are you a co-ordination fan?


  1. I'm a co-ordinator, but you clash so well!

  2. I love that dress. I am a co-ordination fan through and through but I like it when other people wear clashing pieces, I need to be more brave and give it a go myself.

    Janine xx

  3. love the floral print with the stripes :)

  4. lovely dress! I usually clash rather than co-ordinate x

  5. florals and stripes always look great when they clash, even if they mismatch! i love your pink roses with the nautical cardigan. i clash so much for work haha, i only choose outfits for big occasions but choosing one for every single day of your life is too much i think! x

  6. really really pretty dress - i think both patterns look great together! xxx